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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

I was raised around tools,power and hand. I started with basics, replacing parts, repairing, and repainting our small (8') sailboat. I moved on to a 24' daysailer,and then building boats all before age 12. I still took shop classes (when they were offered) to learn "how to properly and safely use tools. At 55 with more than 49 years of learning experience I still have all My parts in thier proper working order. I give You this preamble to state the following: There are very few people over 18 that don't know that our legal system is way overdue for a major overhall (most of those are lawyers). The sheer gaul of this fellow, his lawyer, and Judge overwelms Me. It is only surpased by the ignorance (or stupidity) of the Jury. We can only hope that the appeals court will correct this nonsence. One additional note. I have sadly watched the shop programs disapear from our school system. It's true that Our children (and grandchildren) need math and science as much, if not more than than We did, BUT, at what cost. It's great to be able to understand/utilize advanced concepts and principles. It is also important to be able to use a tool or two without loosing a finger. As Woodworkers (& Parents, Grandparents, Citizens & VOTERS), We have the responcability to correct both of these problems. With over 250,000 elected offices (at every level) up for grabs this year "WE" have an oppertunity to do more than 'JUST' comment on this! We also have nurmorus venues
(public/commercial/non-profit/religious) to address these and other issues. I hope My soapbox voice will be heard. We will see.

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