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Re: Are CNC machines ready for Fine Woodworking?

It was harder to get to the blog than it is to run a cnc.
If you think cnc is easy then try to program one.
If you do not have the software for a cad cam then g code.
Not all Machines use the same codes.
So ask before you buy.
You will find out that the Guy that thinks cnc is Easy or the programer is a dork or what ever you want to call him.
This guy may not even be able to add 2+2 alone do the math that is required to get where you want to get to .
If you can make a a product like some of the items shown on some of the cnc web sites. then more power to you.
I would like to see more cnc in fine wood working and how the systems work and most of the vendors want to keep there dirty little secerts as to how thy work so good luck.I have put stepper moters on a mill drill and made items.

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