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Re: The Importance of Good Materials

I have turned 'microlam' manufactured lumber with good results. The micolam uses adhesives suitable for high strength products, such as wooden I-beam trusses.

Re: Behold, the Speed Tenon

I hate to tell you this Asa, but the cat's out of the bag already. After having posted this in Fine Woodworking Online, whether safe or not, it is in the digital archive and has to potential to spread faster than in print form. Is it safe? There is nothing inherently safe using a table saw, that's why one must always be vigilant when using them.

Re: Are CNC machines ready for Fine Woodworking?

To each his own. If you derive pleasure from using hand tools, use hand tools. If you like power tools and can afford them, use power tools. If you have a high production shop and can afford CNC machines and can justify the cost, by all means use them. I guess what I am getting at is this: work the way you want to work, but don't look down your nose at others who do not agree with you. Far to often in these posts, the tirades of the purist trashing anyone who does not use 18th century methods and tools drown out those of us who just work wood because it is fun and at the end of the day it makes us smile.

Re: Wood Shop Al Fresco

For tool storage, you might see if you can find a reasobly priced dock box from a marine supply outfit in the bay area. Dock boxes are weather proof, lockable and can be used as seating in a pinch. I'm sure you could find a good used one if the marine outfits try to gouge you too much on price. It is nice to work outside, I do whenever weather permits.

good luck

Re: Calling all benchtop warriors

I use a benchtop planer in my shop and formerly a benchtop router table. The router table proved to be insufficient, so I built a larger roll-about cabinet. Lifting the planer in and out of its staorage drawer is a hassle, so I am in the process of designing a roll-aroud stand that will fit underneathe one of my cabinets.

Re: Future Period Furniture Articles

I like the clean lines and simplicity of Shaker, Arts and Crafts and Mission styles of furniture.

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