Texarkana, Texas

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This is a simple box I built a while back as a gift for a family member. The original idea was to make this into a locking pistol box. After carving the curly maple "Stones" in the top I decided to...

Miter Spline Jig

I made this jig about 4 months ago wanting to attempt miter splines in a special keepsake box I was working on. The cradle was made rather large compared to many I seen due to possible larger...

Recent comments

Re: cabinet unit

Stunning piece and I really love the artistic touch on this. I will also have to say the first thing that catches my eye is the shelf. Not that it is any better, but seems like it adds a wonderful element to the whole. Thanks for sharing this. Definitely given me some very cool inspiration.

Re: Peter Shepard Turns the Page


Re: Wooton Inspired Desk

I'm impressed... Well done....

Re: NJB's jewelry box

Love this piece! Outstanding...

Re: Timber Frame Work Shop

I keep coming back to view this incredible shop time and time again. There is something about this that I absolutely love. My dream shop is yet a few years out, but mark my words. "It will incorporate many design features from this shop"....

Thanks for sharing this with us. What a wonderful inspiration...

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Carving 18th Century American Furniture Elements by Tony Kubalak

Looks like this book would be right up my alley. Sign me up...

Re: NookBook

What a neat and well executed project. Good stuff!

Re: Tool Chest with an Arts & Crafts Legacy

I sit here in amazement after watching this. I am truly inspired.

Re: Marketing in a Local Economy (Part 1)

Very interested in reading more of this. Look forward to the next installment.

Re: Miter Spline Jig

Thanks Triumph! This is one of my favorite and most trusted jigs in my shop. I do have to give a big thanks to my Father In-Law. After all he is the one who dropped off the tape measure sections thinking of me. I believe I put some of it to good

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