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Re: Is it OK to sell furniture based on FWW articles?

To the point of the question of the blog. It is absolutely okay to sell anything a person produces regardless of where they got the idea or inspiraion. Either by copy or my original design the wood the peice is made up of, the labor that went into making the piece etc is the property of the owner and anything I own I can sell. It is not okay to sell it as an original of another woodworker. That is fraud. FWW makes a profit by showing us how to do a certain technique. To then say we do not have the right to build it or sell that construction is not only ludicrous it is also a bit like a kid in a school yard who not playing a game they thought up also tells others who know how to play that game they cannot play it either.

Re: Is it OK to sell furniture based on FWW articles?

It is a good thing that we do not follow the "do not use and sell your creation" in our evreyday life. Otherwise think of where the wood and canvas canoe builders, the many fly tyers, hotrod car enthusiasts etc would be. I draw and sell my drawings professionally. If someone takes my image and reproduces it mechanically they violate copywrite. If they draw my image and sell it with my name on it it is a forgery. If they draw it and sell it under there own name then the person who buys it has to judge the value of what they have boughten.
Woodworking has a different aspect to it. A piece of furniture hand made by a good craftsman has multi-uses and value. It can be used functionally, at the same time it can be used as a piece of art (as in the design of the Sam Maloof rockers). Art enhances ones personal quality of life. To be able to touch, sit in or look at a woodworking piece makes each day I do it a better day. Most people could not afford to buy an original Maloof rocker. Also doubtful Sam would want to continue to make his design over and over again to fill every rocker wanted. Just calling it a Maloof rocker gives credit to it's designer. I have also seen a couple of woodworker designs that are very similiar in design but they had never seen Sam's work before or even heard of him.
I also agree with the post that the huge majority of woodworkers do not even cover costs. But as this magazine makes me realize every time I get one in the mail and read it cover to cover, the ability to see, be inspired by and admire others work and then go out and produce something with my hands in wood is a wonderful thing!

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