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Re: Simple push stick for safe bandsaw cuts

This is a great idea, and I've already made mine.

I'm with Jock of Texas - where are the other 98?

Re: Crisp Tenon Shoulders with Your Chisel

I also noticed (how could it be missed) that the cuts with the tablesaw are horrible. Whether it's the editor or Phil, he needs to either clean that blade or get it sharpened.

That said, with this technique you can use a crappy blade to make your rough cuts, since your chisel provides the final surface.

Also, why bother providing a link to a supposedly large picture, which displays small. It's 2013 (though this could have been said years ago); what's with this websites aversion to large pictures?

Re: Help me choose what to build for a video workshop

I'm tempted to say #2, but if I were to build something along the lines of what you'll be doing, I'd want a vertical cabinet. Horizontal wall cabinets take up too much wall space, which is at a premium in our house.

How about an option where the doors have glass panels (flat glass)?

Re: What I've Learned About the Online Woodworking Community

FlyingRon, I think you're being unduly harsh on Asa. Take his apology in the spirit that it was given. I have. Then again I didn't really see the need for one in the first place; there's truth in what he said, he just wasn't as diplomatic as needed in this day and age.

I hope Shop Talk continues, and maybe it'll even expand to a weekly show. Certainly there's enough material out there to support a weekly podcast.

Re: How to Rehab a Traditional Workbench

I happen to be in the need for some replacement utility chisels, and I like the look of the ones shown in the picture regarding the Dutchman. I couldn't read the maker from the picture.

What brand are those, and to you like them (they hold an edge)?



Re: Part 3: A Violin is Born at Fine Woodworking

Enjoyable series.

If the 'enlarged' pictures were actually large, that would help to view some of the details. Today it's probably safe to assume that people have 1280x1024 displays. The pictures are great, just too small.

Re: Shop Talk Live 1: The Big Debut

I just listened to this episode. Very enjoyable. I laughed when Mike explained his episode with the new Japanese saw and the drawer front. You might run out of these stories in quick order (I'm sure you guys don't screw up that often), but that's a good segment to have periodically.

I could do without the sound effects, but I'm not going to lose any sleep over them ;-)

Among others, I listen to various photography podcasts. They often have segments where a photographer will be interviewed. Woodworking is perfect for this also. And with FW's access to so many varied woodworkers, you could do the same. Please consider adding interviews into the mix. You could even invite them into the live discussion.

Re: Maloof Exhibit Mounted in California

My wife and I spent the afternoon at the Huntington today, the last day of the exhibit. It was a kick that they had one of his chairs that you could sit in. Very comfortable.

I wonder what Sam would think to see a bunch of his chair patterns hanging on the wall in a museum?

The Huntington also has a Green & Green exhibit, including a large collection of furnishings from the Gamble house. They also have a Maloof rocker on permanent display.

Here's some pictures that I took that show most of the collection:

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