Copenhagen, DK

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Dining chair

This chair I made as a part of my education as a furnituremaker. It`s the outcoming of a 5 week course, and I made it from the original drawings made by danish architect Ole Wanscher, in 1953. Its...

Writing desk

Made this desk as a first year scool projekt. Simple desk with 2 drawers. Made in dark oak and normal oak drawers.

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Re: Writing desk

Thanks a bunch @uist129. I bought the wood darkened ore smoked as its called i Denmark. It's done with ammonia fumes, and can be done by yourself if you have the time and space fore it. It smells A LOT! Just pine the wood over a bath of ammonia and cover with tarpaulin. The darkness ore shade depends of the time you smoke it. I don`t how it is in the states but here it`s easier and better to buy treated. It gets more uniform in the color. Enjoy :)

Re: UPDATED: Giveaway and Poll: The Most Requested Woodworking Gifts of 2009

I hoped to get af set of Two Cherries chisels, insted I got a Makita belt sander. Wich i nice too.
Happy new year to all.

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