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Shaker Chimney Cabinet

Made this Shaker Chimney cabinet for my bathroom here in New Orleans out of reclaimed cypress from old Barn. used the video by Michael Pekovich which helped tremendously. Learned some great skills in...

Catalpia Outdoor Table

My girlfriend wanted one of those $3000 fancy outdoor tables for the backyard, so I built this one for $200. I used some catalpia that my buddy Dan Hudock ( had buried in the...

Black Walnut Coffee Table

This is a black walnut coffee table I made for my girlfriend. I used lumber from Dan Hudock who is local to Phila area to make this. The top is book matched slabs of...

Recent comments

Re: Drawer pulls in tight spaces

I appreciate the wedges to secure top but dang, use some double sticky tape, much quicker! I use the crap outta the stuff.

Re: PA Secretary Walnut - Lower Case

great finish and instruction. thanks.

Re: Stand-Up Desk

Great piece. I have watched his video workshop of that table with pivot drawers many times and would like to try it too

Re: Stacking tansu dressers

Great pieces Asa.

Re: Walnut side table


Re: Walnut side table

Agreed. I like the thin legs/dimensions. This is something I find very hard to dial in but this place is superb. Well done.

Re: What hand tools can't you live without?

Guess it does depend on the task at hand, I agree. Ive thought about what to put in a nice carry all toolchest too but use diff tools for diff task. yet the essentials are covered. marking, sawing, chiseling, beating, planing.

Re: It's impossible to cheat at woodworking

I do not feel it is cheating to use a jig or any other tool to get to an end product that is beautiful and pleasing. We woodworkers range from hand tool only to full machine to mixtures of the two (as I am). Who cares and who is to say what is right?! IF we didn't "cheat" with tools starting 1000s of years ago we would still be living in caves, ya heard!

Re: Meghan's Desk

you use a waterbased dye for the ash? Ive done that before with great results aside from the grain raising, yet learned to water down wood first from youtube vids on same subject. great piece!

Re: Peter Sandback Nails His Designs

Great piece. just got my recent mag and saw the back cover. I like when people think out of the box and do innovative things!

Re: Bench Seat

I like the top very much. Its always the mistakes that turn out great. I design like that too! Never thought of painting parts like that, but I also like it. Great job


whats the finish on the ash? its great! I had the same idea for some bed side tables.

Re: Keepsake box

well done on the veneers!

Re: Ruthie's Box

Nicely done. I did a similiar experiment for lid of jewelry box for my mother. I used one inch blocks glued together with end grain on top, like the maple butcher blocks etc. The only problem I had was finish. Diff types of finishes seemed to dull the end grain or I should say blur it. I ended up experimenting and used plain polyurethane for the best, but its also wood specific Im sure. The teak looks good!

Re: A Dedicated Sharpening Bench - final -

I really like this table. I have recently started using more hand tools and can appreciate a sharp tool vs a dull dud! I need to build a sharpening area too. It will not be as nice as this one, but great ideas. I think I will use that leg idea in my future work if thats ok. Looks great! Thanks again.

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