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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

On Novemebr 11, 1990, I almost severed the last digit on the middle finger of my right hand on my table saw. The bone was cut through but a very talented hand surgeon was able to repair the bone and reconnect the tendons and even thogh it is 1/8" shorter than the one on my left hand it is hardly noticible. This very close call and traumatic injury taught me a very valuble lesson. DON'T get too close to the blade. I was not using a push stick on a small object and since that time I have several of them very close and available for use when I turn on the table saw. A Saw-Stop would have saved the injury but the reason for the injury was my stupidity ONLY and not the fault of the manufacturer of the saw. (The saw that I was using then probably pre-dated the SawStop invention anyway.) Coffee is hot and machines can injur but the operator is the responsible one. I have since been a great safety advocate and the warning that I got was taken seriously.

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