Robyn Mierzwa, Brooklyn, NY, US

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Weekend lantern project

Transform an inexpensive IKEA glass lamp with this simple, elegant and easily customized hardwood shroud. Makes a great intro to mortise and tenons for kids, so enlist your "apprentice" to cut the side panels and tenons.

Brush Your Teeth!

Regular cleaning extends the life of your saw blades and router bits and keeps them cutting at their best.

Start Woodworking: Build a Magnetic Wood Knife Holder

Make a beautiful hardwood knife holder in just a few hours with a full workshop or a minimal number of tools.

Makeville Studio, NYC - No space? No tools? No problem!

Having your own workshop is just not possible for most New Yorkers, and even if you do have the space, acquiring a basic set of tools is no small investment. That's where we come in. For two years...

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Re: Woodworking in a New York City Apartment

Love the bathroom shop!
I'll second the recommendation for Rosenzweig Lumber in the Bronx. And I've had several folks building projects in my shop with lumber from ML Condon--they were very happy with waht they found up there.
By the way, if you are a woodworking enthusiast in NYC, short on space (who isn't?), and are looking for a place to learn and build stuff, check out Makeville Studio in Brooklyn (

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