James Walker, Levelland, TX, US

I am a retired State Judge. A licensed attorney for 50 years, and a trial judge 26 years. I have been tinkering with wood for over 60 years. I turn, make furniture and carve. I don't usually sell my work. I have a large family that usually get what they want from what I make.

Gender: Male

Birthday: 01/10/1936

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Half size Queen Ann side chair

Chair is made from black walnut.  Finish is oil and wax.  Made in 1980 for my daughter.

Dressing Mirror

Dressing mirrow, red oak.  Case 16"W 3" T 7" D. Mirror 12"w 13" T. Finish Poly Urathane

Recent comments

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Beautiful Boxes: Design and Technique by Doug Stowe

Nearly all projects are a box of some type. One cannot read too much on making boxes.

Re: Woodworking Returns to Public Schools

This is wonderful. Over 60 years ago I was exposed to woodworking in High School. The one year experience has stayed with me all these years.

Re: The Editors Mailbox Has a New Home

I just read your article on 123 finish and watched several videos on finishing. I use a modified Jeff Jewett poly finish. One part poly and one part paint thinner or turpentine or naptha. I usually apply it with a cloth, but I am sure it can be brushed or sprayed as well. It dries quick. I live in an arid area and usually can apply coats in 30 minute intervals.

James K. Walker

Re: Shop made grooving planes

About 30 years ago someone wrote an article in FWW showing how to make a Krenov hand plane. Using that article and some two inch maple I constructed a small smooting plane. It isn't very pretty but it sure does a good job smoothing I bought my 1 1/2 inch iron from Woodcraft. I used it just last week smoothing a piece of red oak. Just takes a sharp iron and a little patience to set.

James K. Walker
Levelland, Texas

Re: Who Is A Hand Tool Woodworker?

I use both power tools and hand tools. Power tools are fast and easy to to the rough cutting. And they are accurate. But hand tools can sure do a better job of finishing. In my judgment no power tool can get a table top as smooth as a hand plane. I also cut my dovetails and mortise and tennons by hand. Not as fast but I like them better.

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