Livermore, CA, US

I build furniture from recycled wood and other vintage recycled material. I have been working Green over 40 years now, from before using recycled material was called Green. I am inspired and influenced by this used wood or urban milled wood.

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Recycled crown molding

This large cabinet is made from recycled crown molding. Working GREEN and loving it.

Canoe cabinet Extraordinary

Half of a old canoe and other vintage material recycled into this fine cabinet. Working Green and loving it.

Nature provides

The top of this table is urban black walnut, a dead tree that I had milled, the base is Elk antlers of different size, found at flee market. Working Green and loving it.

Recycled Pen Yan boat

Cabinet made from 1937 Pen Yan boat front half and other vintage recycled material, I think this boat fond a good way to retire. Working Green and loving it.

Adirondack style cabinet made from recycled wood

My cabinet is made from recycled wood, birch bark panels, branch work and deer antler handles. This cabinet is my interpretation of a up state NY Adirondack style. Always working green and loving it.

From Mansfield Ohio to Livermore California a measured journey.

This folk art cabinet is made entirely of recycled material. It has over 80 yardsticks and the top is edged with vintage electric fence insulators.

Recent comments

Re: Building wooden bikes

As a Green (recycled) folk art furniture artist I was very impressed with these bikes.

Re: Beautiful furniture from reclaimed materials

I really like seeing the recycled wood projects, hope to see more. I have been doing Green before there was a Green, making me King of Green. For the past 15 + years I have built my art furniture business around recycled woods and vintage material. I not only use this material,I am inspired by it, it has shaped my inter-eye to see the possibilities, but Art should follow function any furniture needs to work. You can see my work and see if I am KING of Green by going to my web sight; Working Green and loving it, Larry

Re: Partners in Craft: Harold Wood and John O'Brien

I often see things here that impress me but I do not take the time to comment and although I may think that a work is executed extremely well I do not see the art of the maker but instead great craftsmanship and the art of some other person or of another time. But here it is totally awesome.

Re: Oak Floor Chair

This is a great chair and a unique way to recycle oak flooring, good job.


Like what you have done, fun and whimsical. I also like to work that way. Larry

Re: Contest Rules

I have looked at the rules and I don't see if you can enter more then once, I do a lot of recycled material wood working, working green is my thing. Can one enter more then once? Either way good contest.

Re: Notirondack Chairs

I really like your chairs, did you design them? Do they have a finish on them?

Re: Hickory Entry Benches

I to like Nakashima work and yours, I do recycled or urban wood work myself. Thank you for showing us your work. Larry

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