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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

--OK to recap--
guns don't kill people, people kill people.
Cars and roller-blades kill people when they are unfortunately MISUSED.

Did our unfortunate Mr. Osorio PAY for a flesh detecting device? Did he make a phone call, search the internet to see if HE could retrofit HIS SAW for HIS JOBSITE and His Work STYLE.

My son called me last week to tell me about one of their employees that cut off 2 of his fingers and damaged 2 more with a table saw with the blade set at full height---to cut 3/4" WOOD FLOORing. Are we Noticing a Trend Here?

The old carpenter's rule---Don't have the blade extend above the material more than you are willing to cut into YOURSELF--isn't just about making a nifty cut in the product.

Mr. Osorio, I can feel your pain....having had 2 run-ins with circular saws throughout my career----both times initiated by my breaking more than 1 rule at a time. Guess what?
I sued no one. I was self employed, had insurance disability insurance. My general contractor and home-owner (his client) were never threatened with litigation.
I was treated fairly and graciously, by them, and given the opportunity to stay involved in the process and supervise for the general contractor during my re-hab.

Our unfortunate “wish I were a carpenter” needs to take a seat on the short bus with the “hot coffee in my lap” lady.

Re: New Study Discusses Tablesaw Injuries

Norm said it best. "The most important thing to remember about working with power tools is SHOP SAFETY..
No-one is going to protect a carpenter better that the carpenter himself. The injuries I have sustained have been caused by breaking (well-known and established) rules---usually more than one at a time. Anything with a power cord should be treated with respect and diligence.
I think government regulation and oversite is a mistake--unless you want someone who has never turned on a tablesaw spending a billion dollars of OPM--other-people's money--to figure out what carpenters taught by carpenters already know---you are the custodian of your own safety.
If you've got the desire to buy a power-tool and put it to use----take responsibility to know how to use it..to maximize the mechanical advantage and minimize the disadvantages.
If you tie the guard back on your skil-saw (I did it for many years---don't anymore---story for another time)--expect, at some point, to get the idea "Oh, that's why they put a guard on that contraption."----for some of you, Blood may be involved.

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