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A couple of my (The Lazarus Handplane Co.) Recent Infills

The first pics are a full sized smoother.  I tryed something new with the adjuster and I'm quite pleased with the results.  As you can see, the mechanism is machined into the chipbreaker. It...

A few of my (The Lazarus Handplane Co.) latest infill smooth planes

These are a few of my latest infills.  All sport A2 blades bedded at 50 degrees.  The woods are cocobolo and jatoba.

My latest Frankenfill

I call these "hybrid" infills.  The essential design element is an infill block that presses against a fixed, metal frog.  I welcome any thoughts, ideas, and -yes- criticisms.

Carved Chair With Forged Frame

     The seat and arms are stack laminated and carved.  The back is made from layers of thin, finnish birch plywood that I bent between two cauls.  There's actually 2...

Live Edge Slab Table

This table is 10ft. 6in. long and a about 4 ft. at its widest point.  The top was made from a single slab of white oak.  The tree was felled for road construction and minutes away from...

Saturday Night / Sunday Morning Convertable Poker Table

  The challenge that I set for myself in this design was to make a convertable table in which no parts had to be stowed away when in gaming mode.  The felt top is is housed in quarter...

The Lazarus Handplane Co. Medium Hybrid Infill Smoother

This is the second design from my alter ego, Lazarus.  A beefy mid-sized smoother, she's 8 1/2'' long with a 1 7/8'' cutting iron.  The plane is made of stainless steel, brass, and...

Crab Box

     The primary wood of this box is Padouk with secondary woods of wenge, purple heart, leopard wood, and maple.  I forged the leg structure and handle from...

The Lazarus Handplane Co. Large Infill Hybrid Smoother

     Madness is a slow, creeping weed.  I delved into plane making slowly and out of necessity.  Over the years I picked up a collection of Bedrock "users" on ebay...

Recent comments

Re: Carved Chair With Forged Frame

I'm currently setting up a blog with photos of other work in wood and metal. Furniture and hand planes. You can find it by typing in

Re: Green & Green Wine and liquor cabinet

I see a whole lot of Greene & Greene inspired work, but it's awfully rare to see one as gracefully executed as this. Beautiful work.

Re: Mahogany Doors

Now that's a door.

Re: Toolbox

Cool design, to bad it's so ugly. OK, that's a joke. Incredibly beautiful. I can only hope that you have tools worthy of such a home.

Re: The Lazarus Handplane Co. Large Infill Hybrid Smoother

This plane won't go into production. It's way to costly and time consuming to produce. I'm striving to make a user priced infill as an alternative to bedrock designs. Although, seeing that this is stagnating at $200, I might already have.

Re: The Lazarus Handplane Co. Large Infill Hybrid Smoother

This plane is currently posted on ebay. Search "lazarus infill plane". There's a dozen sexy shots of it.

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