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Re: Cutlists are a waste of space

As a journeyman woodworker I have found that any smart woodworker always measures twice and cuts once. A very basic rule. The point is that I have never met a single person who does not make a mistake. A cutlist is a wise idea as it gives you the oportunity to double check your work. Nobody is immune to misreading a measurement. However a smart woodworker also double checks his cutlist to make sure his measurements are accurate before he starts his project. Even if he is using a computer program to make his project there may be a glitch in the coding of the program he is using. There are so many variables and it is time to return to basic woodworking skills.

Use a cutlist and refer to it often, it is a wise tool. Double check the cutlist to make sure the measurements are accurate and make any corrections that are neccessary. If you are using a formula then write that formula down so that you can refer to it. Use the tools that you have including cutlists and use COMMON SENSE.

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

First of all anyone who purchases a power tool and uses it without using the common sense of watching what you are doing deserves to get injured. I have been doing shop work for years and I have in fact cut the edge of my thumb off on a table saw. Did I blame the saw maker or the push stick which was faulty, no I blamed myself for not using common sense enough to use the tools correctly. So to Mr. Carlos Osorio pull your head out of your backside watch what you are doing and if you intend on cutting yourself then buy the saw that would have saved your fingers and stop assuming that just because the technology is there then it should be equiped on all brands. Do you know what a patent is, think about it.

Secondly to Big_E Saw stop does in deed have people that have put their own hands on the line for their product because I have seen it in person. The technology works and it isn't a case of extortion, it's a case of other companies being too damn stupid to get the technology when they had the chance. Any other company could have had it but they didn't want it so SAWSTOP designed their own saw which happens to be of top quality and design. Cudo's to their inventors who were smart enough to do the right thing.

In any case the only extortionist in this case was Carlos Osorio. If you are man enough to work in the shop then be man enough to take the blame for your own screw ups and stop extorting money from the innocent like Ryobi (which admittedly I don't much care for) and the rest of us that now have to pay the cost of your screw ups. I'll tell you what stay out of the shop and out of any area where your mommy can't protect you.

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