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Re: CPSC Drafting New Tablesaw Regulations

When I lost my first thumb (left hand) on the table saw, I swore I'd never take that blade guard off again, but I did. About six months ago, I did the same blame thing and lost my other thumb pushing some boards without a push stick. I'm purty well healed up now, but I can't strike a match or flick my I've quit smoking. Hallelujuah, the Doc says I'll live longer now that I've quit. It's also cut down on my eatin' bills as the Missus now has to feed me by spoon. I can't clumb up any more trees, so that's reduced my risk of falls immensely, and I can't play poker no more since I can't fan the cards. So, in my case, it's been a win-win...since I'm now fully disabled and getting lots of benefits. I can't wait to drive down the road in my new RV and wave to all you folks out there in Wood Land.

Yours truly,

Re: It's impossible to cheat at woodworking

One issue which I haven't noticed in these comments, is that some people are disabled, or injured. The unsteady hand of a person, neural changes such as Parkinson's, peripheral neuropathies...and many more. Is it fair/unfair to judge such changes in a person's life to prohibit the use of such jigs? I think not, considering how many elder workworkers enjoy such hobbies and craftmanship work.

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