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Re: UPDATE: Carving in the Round by Andrew Thomas and How to Carve Wood by Richard Butz

I have memories of carving when a youngster, my parents bought me a small carving chisel set and I promply cut across the top of my middle finger! The scar remains some 45 years later and I continue wood work building and carving to this day.

Re: UPDATE: Refinishing Furniture Made Simple (with DVD) by Jeff Jewitt

My wife says "if you had finished it properly in the first place, you wouldnt have to refinish it" This book looks ideal to reduce those times!

Re: UPDATE: 2011 Fine Woodworking Archive DVD-ROM (1975 - 2011)

As a chance to spread the Fine Woodworking magazine to the far side of the Earth, A Kiwi would have pleasure in winning this.

Re: Behold, the Speed Tenon

Safety is something that should never be compromised. On the other hand a safer method should always be passed on or the unsafe practices pointed out so others learn. I think Darwin has a theory about this!
It is clear that many people use this technique and have ways to do it more safely and these can be incorporated in your final published article.
I have seen professional woodworkers and carpenters and all manner of other craftsmen undertake practises that I would consider unsafe but they are confident in the practice and know their and the procedures limitations.
Is base jumping unsafe, yes most would say it is, but those that do it know the limits and are comfortable taking part.

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