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Retired pharmacology professor, woodworking hobbyist for 30+ years. Recently into woodturning.

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Three-legged stools

These red oak stools were inspired by the Tage Frid 3-legged stool. We needed them taller, with wider seats (the wife's preference, doncha' know), and no back. I had to learn several new techniques...

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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

All of us know the first rule of using a table saw (or any power tool for that matter): obey the rules for using the saw. For those who do, the flesh sensor isn't necessary; but, of course, accidents and attention lapses happen. I'm glad that my car has air bags, but I hope never to have to use them. Same would go for a table saw with a flesh sensor. I'd like to see the flesh sensor feature on all saws. As that begins to happen, guess what? The prices will come down. A lot of us are probably like pilots -- it'll be the other poor dumb sap who augers in. The reality, though, is that any of us can lose a finger -- or worse -- to a table saw.

Re: 3-legged Stools

This is spooky. Please check out the photos of MY 3-legged stools on page 16 of this gallery. I, too, started with the Tage Frid model. I didn't have access to a large band saw, so had to shape the seats with an angle grinder and sander. When I saw these stools, I naturally thought that you had patterned your stools after mine. Then I saw the photo that you had posted in January, 2009. I had not seen that one (or these) until tonight. I think it's really interesting how similar our stools turned out to be.

Lynn Willis

Re: Three-legged stools

Thanks. What would you like to know in the way of "more infor?"

Re: Bench Cookie Giveaway

Naturally, I already have a set of these cookies. Bought 'em on sale. They work just as they're supposed to work, and I sure wish I'd dreamed up this idea. If I win (fat chance, of course), I'll give them to one of my buddies who I know is too cheap to buy them for himself. He hasn't yet figured out that this woodworking thing is all about getting tools...

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