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Re: Arts and Crafts sideboard

Nice Lee. John's photos are top notch too. Thanks for posting such an elegant piece.

Re: Greg Brown Carves Out a Career

Not sure why but the last three or four pieces by Jon, the audio starts over midway thru the slides. Have you heard this before? Mostly viewing with iPad. Thanks.

Love these pieces.

Re: Greg Klassen: Deep in the Grain

Audio malfunction near final 1:20 minute. Returns to beginning while slides continue

Re: John Cameron's Massachusetts Ming

Once again, excellent profiles like these keep me in the game with FWW. Keep up the good work Jonathan.

Re: Aled Lewis: Woodworking Odyssey

Once again, the highlight of this month's offering. More. Please.

Re: Shop Talk Live 18: George Nakashima 2.0

Asa made comment in recent podcast that fw is not big on profiles. That you are a how to magazine. In my opinion, you should have a profile in each edition. How many times can you recycle dovetail or sharpening techniques.? Profiles are all different and interesting. Jonathan's articles and slideshows are near top of my interest list.

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