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Re: UPDATE: 3 Book Giveaway! Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to...

I spent my early years in my father's woodshop in Arhus, Denmark. I learned many abilities and lessons that have stayed with me, but naturally he didn't have time to teach me the outstanding knowledge to be gained from these 3 books.

Now that I am retired and putting together a small wood hobby shop, I realize how much I need to learn. Much of my father's equipment operated via belts driven by a master drive shaft, although I do remember he had a tablesaw and bandsaw that were not. He would have envied the modern equipment available these days for relatively little money.

I would really like to win these books, but I am usually not so lucky, so I will undoubtedly need to buy them. Let me know I didn't win soon so I can order them. :-)

Laurits Jorgensen

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