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Re: Make a sled that handles both square and miter cuts

Regarding the post by pettrotaj: Kickback is created when the teeth on the rear of the blade, which are rising, catch on the stock and cause it to rise off the table. With a right tilt saw, the stock gets pinched between the blade and the fence, causing the kickback. Why not just put the fence on the left side of the blade? You can do this if the stock is narrow. If the stock is wide, you must put it on the right side of the blade, or you won't be able to move the fence far enough to accommodate the width of the stock..

Re: Winner Chosen for Tablesaw Safety Tip Challenge

Never try to rip warped lumber. This is an invitation to kickback. Flatten it first using a plane or jointer. Alternatively, you can devise a fixture that will rigidly hold the board in position relative to the fence while ripping.

Re: Make it Stick: A Guide to Glue Ups

Several respondents refer to the use of urethane glue (e.g., Gorilla Glue). Please take note of a test of glues reported in the July/August 2007 issue of Fine Woodworking. Gorilla Glue came in dead last.

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