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Re: Silas Kopf: Majoring in Marquetry

Your cleverly assembled and illustrated storytelling nicely compliments Silas Kopf's fine marquetry furniture. Well done! - AKD

Re: A New Home for Mouth-Watering Marquetry

Hi, I was away on a road trip last week. I visited with Paul Schurch at his studio in Santa Barbara. He'd just returned from the San Diego Woodworking Show where he gave a talk and enjoyed being with friends Craig Thibodeau and Patrick Edwards (founding teacher at the "American School of French Marquetry").
As I mentioned in my previous comment, there are so many resources for learning Marquetry and Inlay Arts, it hard to know where to start.
How convenient that Craig Thibodeau started it off at the top with his comment about Silas Kopf and Pierre Ramond earlier in this thread. Craig Thibodeau's doing some great introductory videos with Fine Woodworking editor Asa Christiana and blog posts with web producer Ed Pirnik (listed on post at
Next, Paul Schurch is flying out to the "Marc Adams School of Woodworking" to teach some classes there (check out his site at for his teaching schedule and DVD series). Also at Marc Adams are other great Marquetry teachers, such as: Silas Kopf; Marc Adams and Scott Cook. Later, Paul Schurch will be joining William Ng and Matthew Werner to teach more classes at "William Ng Woodworks".
This is just a little taste of what's out there. Respond to this comment and I'll add a bunch more. Welcome to the 21st century Renaissance of the Marquetry and Inlay Arts. - AKD

Re: A New Home for Mouth-Watering Marquetry

Hi Ed, I much appreciate your mentioning the in this post - You made my day! Marquetry is sometimes called "the art of kings", so its fun that many members of the British Royal family are remarkably candid about their appreciation for marquetry, which is considered one of the highest expressions of the furniture arts.
To "1stwoodstone_man" - Craig Thibodeau and I will mention a few learning resources in our next post. Also check this comment thread in a couple of days and I'll list some publications, media resources and excellent marquetry instructors. - AKD

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