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Re: AWFS: A Super-Glue for Furniture Makers?

I can't believe all of the "naysayers" who haven't tried this product or seen any results from independent testing. I bet the old hide gluers said the same thing about the "modern" glues that most people use now. Why not wait and/or try it before you relegate it to the trash bin. Maybe it isn't worth it, maybe it will find and niche market, or maybe it will change woodworking. Only time will tell.

Re: Shop Talk Live 6: On the Pod

The best one yet. Keep in mind that Shop Talk Live has a format and, even though there is a great guest, there are additional segments that need to be covered such as Best Tool Ever (This Week). (and the Third Voice doesn't bother me at all.)

Re: Appeals court upholds Osorio tablesaw verdict: Feds consider landmark safety standard

Mercedes has systems on their cars that sense when you are falling asleep. My Subaru doesn't have it. Does that mean I can sue Subaru if I fall asleep and have an accident? Is the government going to mandate that all cars have all of the safety devices that the most expensive cars have? I don't think so. If I don't put my seat belt on and get injured, is it the car manufacture's fault? How are table saws different?

Re: Rough Cut PBS Station Locator

Vermont Public Television carried Rough Cut on November 20th and it is scheduled again on December 4th according to the schedule showing on DirecTV.

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