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Re: STL 72: Another Tablesaw Lawsuit

Very interesting thread. I remember when saw stop first arrived on the scene there were cries that we would all be forced to trash our beloved saws we had been using for years and forced to purchase the saw stop. There were even those who put out the idea that saw stop would force other manufacturers to buy their technology making tons of money off saw safety. Wow!!!

In my humble opinion saw stop is a business that manufactures a product that appears to be be safer than other saws manufactured by other companies. Saw stop makes money on their product, thats what a company is supposed to do. If we really think that profit is not the number one goal of all manufacturers of wood working tools then I think we are kidding ourselves. Sure safety is an element, but covering collective butts so the company won't get sued is more likely the motivation.

After re reading what I have written I'm sounding very jaded even to myself. The bottom line however and once again in my humble opinion Saw stop appears to have a great safe product that has prevented more serious injuries from tools that could seriously hurt you. They are making a bundle selling the product. Good for them. Isn't that what companies are supposed to do. I'm unaware of anyone getting seriously injured while using the saw stop but maybe there are a few. If there were more I'm sure everyone would be talking about it and they wouldn't be able to continue as they are.

By the way, I don't own a saw stop and am not in the market for one. I use my Delta contractors saw and try and observe all safety precautions I have learned in over 40 years of woodworking. If I was starting out all over again Id probable go that way, it just makes sense.

Now Im going to go back to my Sunday morning coffee and hope you all took what I said as just one person's opinion and not an attack on someone who expressed theirs.

Re: UPDATE: Wooden Boxes, by Doug Stowe and Strother Purdy

I've got the hard copy and ebook of your original. Even converted the DVD to play on my ipad. Can't wait to see what's new. Your books and video are easy to read and follow directions. Keep them coming


Re: UPDATE: Read a review of Wooden Boxes by the giveaway winner

Another box book....yippee! Don't know why but I love boxes. I know it's not just me but they are fun to make and give as gifts especially to those you love. There can never be enough box books!

Re: 7 Lessons for the Aspiring Furniture Maker

You are absolutely correct. I started taking classes after I had been woodworking for 35 years. My first was to learn to make shaker boxes, which lead to me making several for the cremanes of close friends.

Since that time I've taken several each year. This March I'm signed up for a class with Garret Hack at the Woodworking Showcase in Saratoga Springs, NY to learn to a bead scratch stock.

I have learned so much taking classes I wish I had started years ago. No one person knows it all and you just might learn something from a new friend you meet in a class.

Great article, thanks for publishing

Re: UPDATE Caption contest: Win a CommandMax Sprayer

"not by the hair of my chinny chin chin"

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