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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

I agree with Jigs. Employers are responsible for job site safety. That is why major corporations require safet training of their employees. Most smalled companies ignore this.
Carpentry is an inverently dangerous practice and any user must assume the responsibility for his own actions. If he is smart and cautious, he will incorporate reasonable safety actions. Now if the saw he was using was somehow physically defective and caused an accident, that is a different story. But just because someone invents a piece of safety equipment and a company makes a marketing decision not to install it on their product that does not make them passively responsible for this accident. It's like sueing Ford because they do not equip their passenger vehicles with the Hans device used in Nascar.
I think the judge was misguided here and this suit most probably will be appealed. That in no way lessens the value of saw stop. it is a great invention that will undoubtedly save extremities and lives. I am not fully familiar with it so I do not know what the frequencies of false tripping might be or the cost of putting the saw back into comission

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