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Hall Table and Mirror in Quilted Bigleaf Maple and Oregon Black Walnut

This is a small-ish hall table that I made as a design and construction exercise -- hadn't done breadboard ends in a while, and wanted to try out a new method.  The two pieces echo each other in...

Dining Table from reclaimed Maple

This is our (former) dining table from reclaimed maple I got from a company in West Virginia that specializes in disassembling old barns and salvaging the lumber and timber.  The wood was about...

Recent comments

Re: The 3 Hour Cabinet

Remington, I think your comment comes across a bit pretentious; John clearly used the copper nails on purpose, and he didn't need this to be "knock-down." And since he used no glue, it's "knock-down" anyway; it just won't go back together neatly. But since it's a placeholder for an eventual permanent cabinet, it doesn't need to be portable. I just don't go for comments that tell someone how their work would "look better" the way YOU would do it. Sheesh...

Through dovetails in 3 hours in a 20-degree shop? Hat's off, John. And I complain when mine's not quite 60 in the morning...

Re: Rough Cut PBS Station Locator

Just checked Oregon Public Broadcasting web site and, though they list the show in their programs listing, there are no episodes scheduled in the next 60 days. Bummer...

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

I won't add to what has already been covered from every possible angle, except to state unequivocally that I fault the user and his (a) purchase, and (b) usage decisions that led to HIS injury. Shouldn't be turned into my injury. And it almost certainly will be overturned on appeal; lawyers work both ways. Would love to have a video of what actually happened that fateful day; I bet the jury would have thought differently if they saw how this injury actually came to pass!

Mostly, I just wanted to say to ihateusernames and smokei0117 and dharlock and several others, God bless you for using the English language in your posts. Many others (with the exeption of those for whom it's not their first language) clearly find it easier to post with horrific grammar, spelling, and word usage, while complaining that we are losing our ability to act as one wishes without accepting the consequences. Here's a consequence: when you talk / write like that, no one takes you seriously. I had to work to understand a more than a few posters' real point, and from then on just scanned past all the crap. I don't mean writing as if you were Wordsworth himself, just, I don't know, like you had graduated from high school. But perhaps you didn't want to take responsibility for your actions back then, to actually do homework and take English seriously, or maybe they didn't seem like serious consequences. What, a country full of people who can't properly state an opinion isn't a serious consequence?

And so you know, I'm a soon-to-retire Marine with 15 years' experience in my shop, having designed and built (for myself and clients) cabinets, tables, benches, chests of drawers, etc. so I'm not just a lurking grammar nazi. I care strongly about this community, and I hate to see it represented by so many folks who make it look like it's overly populated by the uneducated. Geez, use spell check at least...

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