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Re: Calculating for Wood Movement

Where you write, "IE: [.0037 x 8 x 10] = .296-in". where did the 8 and 10 come from? If 10 is the variance, what about the 8?

Re: Coming Clean with Solid Modeling Techniques

Great article! How do you change the default so the back faces are green?

Re: What hand tools can't you live without?

Great looking tool chest. Adding Kaizen foam inside the drawers (and top section) would be a nice finishing touch. Available at Rockler or Amazon. It would keep everything from bouncing around and shifting when the chest is moved about. I have it in all my tool drawers so the items don't shift when the drawers move.

Re: Creating and Editing Tenon Peg Holes

Thanks for an excellent SketchUp woodworking video. I am an advanced SU modeler and learned about showing the center point of a circle, which I didn't know previously. Please continue making SU videos.
Here's a tip for you. (I don't get any finder's fee for saying this. I am just a happy user.) Check out the SpaceNavigator mouse at I could not help but notice the conventional way you moved around the model. This 3D mouse lets you fly around the model (with ease) like a humming bird. A fantastic tool for avid modelers, at about $100 (last I heard.) You can find a great review on it at

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