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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

The one and only time that I injured myself with a power tool was in using a hand-held circular saw - I was not watching where my left hand was while supporting a narrow cutoff. Fortunately, the cut was minor.

The issue is that I was not being careful. The saw did not cause the problem, I did. The manufacturer of the saw is not responsible for my actions - I am.

Safety features such as air bags and seat belts do protect us against our actions, but mainly they protect us against the actions of others whom we can not control.

Those "others" are not involved in my use of my power tools and certainly the manufacturers of those tools are not responsible for my use of them.

There is no question in my mind that features such as Saw-Stop are effective and a good thing, but it is my choice as to whether or not I buy it. Ryobi does not manufacture defective products, they are simply of a less durable quality than others and may not be the wisest choice for commercial use. Lower cost products are, of necessity, less fully-featured.

The last time that I checked, it was still my choice as to what I buy and how I use it. Allowing things like this lawsuit to continue will ultimately lead to a situation in which my choices will be dictated to me as is being attempted with a very large current National issue.

The particular incident which is the subject this article is, in my opinion, one more item in a very, very long list. That long list is comprised of those occurances in which people attempt to lay the responsibility for their own actions on someone else.

Bottom line? - Do we want our Legislators dictating to us what we must buy?

John G.

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