The Woodlands, TX, US

I am from Massachusetts and grew up in Dorchester outside of Boston. I have been involved in woodworking since I was a very young boy. My father was my inspiration for having the interest in working with wood and it is a common interest we share today. I still remember fondly the days of my youth when I could not wait until I was a sixth grader and able to take shop on Friday afternoons. Later on I attended Boston Technical High School and learned more advanced woodworking techniques before graduating in 1973. Since then I have progressed my skills through studying periodicals like FWW and attending seminars and class with experts like David Marks.

I live in The Woodlands Texas now and consider myself a student of the craft and hope to become an accomplished cabinet maker one day. I look to FWW as an authority on high end woodworking projects and hope to learn from all of the FWW members and editors!

Recent comments

Re: New Jersey Tall Case Clock

Rob, tremendous detail and attention was put into all of the veneering and inlays! Obviously this took many days to complete. Exquisite!

Re: UPDATE: Rough Cut - Woodworking with Tommy Mac by Tommy MacDonald and Laurie Donnelly

I would like to take a chance at winning TOmmy's new book!

Re: Tablesaw Safety Around the Clock

Count me in with my colleagues as I have a similar trophy on my wall and made the same mistake with my Incra fence. Regardless I remain strongly in favor of SawStop and have changed my operating procedure to have a push through of my miter gauge whenever I use it prior to turning on the saw.

Re: Adrian McCurdy: Furniture Riven from the Log

A very interesting photo journey and Adrian is an artist that is very dedicated to his work and in the development of each of his pieces. I am always impressed with woodworkers who put their heart and muscle into the craft and are able to turn out such unique furniture just with hand tools. It takes a lot of physical stamina and dedication create the beautiful furniture he has produced.

Re: Cherry Sideboard

Beautiful workmanship and great looking piece!
I assume that you made the hardware as well?

Re: Cufflink Box


This is a gorgeous cuff link box with exceptional attention to detail and high end refinements which I am sure your client will appreciate for years to come! Obviously a lot of precision went into all of the details which are a tribute to your craftsmanship. I think you or anyone else would be hard pressed to find any flaws in this piece!

Re: Mock up leads to a happy ending


This is a beautiful piece of furniture displaying great grain, finish and proportions of the cabinets to the shelf area. It is nice to see the mock up in the planned location as well. This is a keeper for me to replicate and I look forward to your article in FWW!

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