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Re: STL 72: Another Tablesaw Lawsuit are 100% correct. Mr. Gass is suffering from an enlarged ego with a BIG dose of GREED!!!!
I wouldn't purchase anything with this clowns name attached to it............and I won't be forced to either!!!!!

Re: Chris Becksvoort and David Yepez: Mano a Mano

Experience, experience, experience , there's no substitute for it, it's like location, location, location in buying property!!!!! Dave....keep practicing you did OK!!!!!

Re: SawStop inventor Steve Gass defends the latest tablesaw verdicts

Many commenting here are 100% absolutely correct! Having knowledge, training and respect for power equipment is not questionable. I would never bring someone with little or no experience into my shop and allow him to operate equipment. Totally asking for trouble.. I recently rec. an e-mail of a guy at the shooting range, he has a 'hang fire' and promptly looks down the barrel. Well the round in the chamber then fires and puts a hole in the brim of his hat...this is an example of no training and no respect for the implement!
This Osario needed proper training, period! Gov't. should keep their distance this is not a matter for some congressman to decide. They, (the gov't. should not tell me what to utilize or what not to utilize).

And yes, I've used a saw stop a few times time and found that it is not a high quality product, how about concentrating on that instead of your wallet Mr. Gass?

Re: Tool Chest with an Arts & Crafts Legacy

Beautiful work of art....I enjoyed watching the short show regarding Trevor Hadden's history. Better than attending Stanford! Envy a very good way!

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