Joe Stillwell, Olympia, WA, US

Gender: Male

Birthday: 12/05/1967

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Walnut and Curly Maple Bed

This was my first commissioned work. An Asian inspired bed based on the customers ideas. I designed it in Sketchup. I went through about 6 versions until the customer said that's the one for me. The...

Recent comments

Re: Book Giveaway: Arts & Crafts Furniture Projects

I made one of Paolini's bookcases. This book looks like it would have some nice pieces that would complement the bookcase.

Re: Update: The Handmade Skateboard by Matt Berger

Looks like a fun project to make with my kids!

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Beautiful Boxes: Design and Technique by Doug Stowe

I really want this book so I can make little boxes just like Matt Kenney!

Re: Centering the Festool Domino on Imperial Based Materials

I have the Domino DF 500. I decided to try out the setup blocks. I found that the information in this article may be fine for the 700 XL but the 500 has an offset of 10mm, not 15mm. Make sure you take that into account when you make your setup blocks.

Re: UPDATE: Handmade Furniture: 21 Classic Woodworking Projects to Build for Your Home by Rafael Nathan

Looks like some great projects!

Re: UPDATE: Finishing Wood from Fine Woodworking

I really need this book!

Re: UPDATE: Outdoor Wood Projects by Steve Cory

My patio furniture needs to be replaced. This book would sure help right now!

Re: UPDATE: A Lesson Plan for Wood Turning by James Rodgers

Looks like a great book. Just when I was thinking about buying a lathe and making some round posts for a bed frame.

Re: UPDATE: 3 Book Giveaway! Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to...

I sure could use help with my finishing and shaping technique. I don't have a lathe yet but a turning book might get me to go out and buy one

Re: UPDATE: Wooden Boxes, by Doug Stowe and Strother Purdy

This looks like a great book and would help me to build a jewelry box for my wife that she has been asking for the last few years.

Re: Shop Talk Live 45: Taking the Fun Out of Fine Woodworking

I have to agree with the posting from BStev. I welcome some friendly banter and joking. I feel that I get plenty of facts and information from the podcast too. I look forward to a new episode coming out every two weeks. For just facts I go to the Fine Woodworking website or open the magazine. I normally listen to the podcast while I commute to work. It tends to put me in a good mood for the rest of the day and gives me ideas to search for on the computer during my breaks.

Keep up the great work guys! Don't change a thing.

Re: UPDATE: Carving in the Round by Andrew Thomas and How to Carve Wood by Richard Butz

Carving would add a nice touch to some of the furniture I build. Sign me up!

Re: UPDATE: Routers & Router Tables from the editors of Fine Woodworking

I recently got a new porter cable router and need to build a router table. I would be happy to report back on the book and how building the table goes.

Re: Help me choose what to build for a video workshop

Option 1 please.

Re: UPDATE: Refinishing Furniture Made Simple (with DVD) by Jeff Jewitt

I would love to have this book! I plan on refinishing my coffee and end tables soon.

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