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Re: Shop Talk Live 21: Tablesaw Tech

Before you epoxy your socket chisel handle, here's one more thing to check.

I had the exact same problem with one of my LN chisels; the handle just would not stay in the socket. Looking closely, you'll see there is a shoulder at the base of the tapered tenon. On the problem chisel I noticed the blade was fully against the shoulder. Turns out the tenon was simply not cut long enough and the blade hit the shoulder before it had a chance to tighten up.

I did a little paring and, keeping the same taper angle, took the shoulder back another 1/8". This allowed the socket to seat firmly and it now work like a charm.

Re: UPDATE: Refinishing Furniture Made Simple (with DVD) by Jeff Jewitt

I can always use another finishing book, and Jeff's stuff is great.

Re: Shop Talk Live 11: That Sinking Feeling

Outstanding, thanks Mike!

I'm currently using Norton waterstones, but will likely need a new 1000 grit stone in the next year. The price of the Shapton flattening stone was scaring me off a bit. I'm using 400 grit wet/dry on a granite reference plate now for flattening my 8000 grit Norton, so if that will also work for the Shapton, that sounds great.

Thanks again!

Re: Shop Talk Live 11: That Sinking Feeling

I love the podcast, fun to listen to and informative. I stream it instead of using Itunes; not an Apple fan.

A question for Mike P. if I can regarding the Shapton stones he talked about - exactly which Shapton stone type does he use (traditional, glass, Professional...), and how does he flatten them when flattening is needed?


Re: Shop Talk Live 11: That Sinking Feeling

Ed, I'm also getting episode 9 when I use the streaming link from the FWW page. I don't use Itunes. Can't find a link to Episode 11.

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