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Re: UPDATE: The Foundations of Better Woodworking by Jeff Miller

I love reading Jeff's articles and am looking forward to getting and reading this book.

Re: UPDATE: Fine Woodstrip Canoe Building from Bear Mountain Boats

I bought canoecraft several years ago intending to build a boat- life got in the way but a couple of weeks ago my 13 yo son found it and asked if we could build one together!!!
what a good way to keep his interest until we can do it.

Re: Behold, the Speed Tenon

The fact that you had to ask shows you inherently know the answer... the little voice in your head is telling you that this is a dangerous technique.
Yes, as many have said, many woodworkers use this technique with success (no injury) but that does not make it a safe technique for the many reasons stated so well by others.
This should NOT be a technique endorsed by FWW.

Re: CPSC Drafting New Tablesaw Regulations

I should have also said I do NOT think the SS technology should be mandated... but I do think tablesaws should be made safer by better designed blade guards and riving knives.

Re: CPSC Drafting New Tablesaw Regulations

I don't understand all the bashing of SawStop inventor Steve Gass. If *you* invented something novel that could be useful for those who choose it wouldn't you expect to be paid for it? That is the whole basis of capitalism and our patent system- doesn't matter if it is a tablesaw or any other widget. Does Apple give away its iphone or ipad patents? Is Coke expected to hand out its formula so everyone can enjoy its flavor and make it at home?

Re: Father's Day Must-Have Woodworking Gifts

I forgot to list my own "wish" list item
a Dave's Shaves flat spokeshave... at $110 it only slightly exceeds the $100 limit
or a nice marking knife (Blue Spruce)

Re: Father's Day Must-Have Woodworking Gifts

Hey Matt,
why not go to a local granite countertop fabricator and get a scrape piece of granite that fits your needs? I know it maybe 3 inches thick but it will be flat and a lot less expensive

Re: Tanning beds accelerate aging for cherry, not just humans

I have a small garage shop. Sometimes I like to work with the big door open and roll my DJ20 and planer outside. I have noticed that if I take a break for a little while (lunch or kids interupting) in the middle of stock prep there is a noticable darkening of cherry in that short amount of time.

Bottom line: sit cherry out in the sun for an hour (or several) and it will get significantly darker. But only do it after all the surface prep and sanding is done or it will be removed during those steps.

Re: David Haig: Bending Timber

I never heard of David before this issue of FWW and this video. Very inspiring and wonderful work- great video. I loved his other pieces, the desk and occasional tables are beautiful.

Re: How to Handle Small Parts Without Losing any Fingers

Great video Matt,
Can you tell us about those grooving planes? Are they currently being made or are they vintage?

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Tables You Can Make, from the editors of Woodworker's Journal

sign me up, wish me luck! I can always use a resource for my next projects...

Re: Bench Cookie Giveaway

these cookies seem like a great idea... but probably don't go well when dipped in milk.

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