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Re: Make a sled that handles both square and miter cuts

This fence mirrors one that I made some time ago, albeit the one I made did not include facilities for mitre cuts. I may have to go back to the drawing board!

One problem I did overcome when making the fence was to make the sled with an adjustable fence. This facilitates the ability to adjust the fence for square in both directions ... On the horizontal and vertical plane. Over time a fixed fence does move due to shrinkage and movement within the materials used; more so with softwoods. If the fence is fixed and glued it invariably means making a new sled.

If you incorporate a double back board, the inner board becomes the adjustable fence. To achieve the ability to adjust in both directions it requires a few simple fixings such as 8mm T bolts, threaded anchors and a few large washers with an 8mm dia hole. The main attachment of the inner fence is made using a couple more bolts, threaded fixings and two threaded knobs.... Again readily available as part of a jig making hardware pack.

The adjustability is achieved by winding in or out the threaded T-bolts inserts which alters the distance between the outer and inner fence, to achieve the squareness and then simply bolting the inner fence to the outer using the knobs, which draws up to the outer fence and against the T-bolts previously wound in our out to achieve the squareness.

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