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Re: UPDATE: Making Frame and Panel Doors by Hendrik Varju

Anything that makes the process easier has got to be a big help. Looking forward to it.

Re: UPDATE: Making Drawers by Hendrik Varju

10 1/2 hours should pretty much cover the subject. I'm sure I'd learn a lot from this DVD set.

Re: UPDATE: Fine Woodworking's Tables and Chairs

It might give me the confidence to try a set of dining room chairs I need.


Re: AWFS: A Super-Glue for Furniture Makers?

How does ambient temperature affect curing time?
I live in the desert, and often have to work in 80-85F temps, or in the 60-65F range in the winter.
PVA glues cure much faster (less open time/working time) in heat, which can cause a problem with large assemblies.
Also, has it been tested with veneer at all?

Re: UPDATE: In the Greene & Greene Style: Projects and Details for the Woodworker by Darrell Peart

I'm a fan. I used his plans as a basis for a pair of nighstands, so I'm looking forward to seeing what's in this book.

Re: UPDATE: Arts & Crafts Style Coffee Table with Gregory Paolini

An A&C coffee table, and a pair of end tables, is my next project. I like the design of this, but might want to do thinner vertical slats on the ends to match some other furniture I have already.

This would be very useful. Thanks for all of the great content on the site.

Re: Blade brake inventor aims to compete with SawStop

There's no cure for stupidity, nor should a manufacturer be liable for the stupidity of the users of its products. If the product is constructed so that it is inherently unsafe no matter who uses it or how they use it, that's different, but modern table saws come with blade guards and other safety features that make them safe if used properly.
I looked at the SawStop before buying a new table saw a couple of months ago and went with the new Powermatic with the riving blade that moves up and down with the blade, even when ripping. I felt that was enough for me, and I got a quality saw at a better price.
I think SawStop and this new device should be available for those that want them. Businesses should probably looking at them closely to avoid liability claims, but as a hobbyist woodworker, I choose to accept the responsibility for my own safety.

Re: Free Plan: Arts and Crafts Library Table

I don't mind seeing other styles, too, but I love A & C. I enjoy coming up with variations on the style that are pleasing to me. I like the deceivingly simple appearance that belies the complexity of the construction.

Re: Small cordless drills offer big benefits.

I have a pair of the 12v Ridgid drill/drivers with regular chucks that I got on a special when buying both at the same time. Great size and weight with plenty of power, and the pair lets me have a drill bit in one and a driver in the other. Very satisfied with them.

Re: Poll: The Next FWW Tool Test

I agree with what seems to be the majority: pretty boring stuff. I would like to see reviews of less than common tools that are new and unusual or ones that maybe aren't as popular as they used to be, such as the radial arm saw. Include reasons why they could be useful additions to a small shop like most of us have.
A suggestion for new tools would be a comparison between sanders like Stockroom Supply's Vdrum sander and the Sand-Flee. Both are a significant investment for something that I have no experience with.
I would like to see the magazine post a notice that they are going to do a test on specific products and ask for reader input on the specific items that can be included IN the article, to see how user input compares with the editors' conclusions.

Re: Future Period Furniture Articles

I very much enjoy the simple lines of Arts and Crafts furniture, especially Mission style. Also, Greene and Greene influenced styles.

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