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Re: CPSC Drafting New Tablesaw Regulations

I supose next we will have to assure that all of our plane irons are dull so they won't cut our tiny little fingers. My worst shop injury came at my own hands, one of which held a well-sharpened chisel, the other of which was in the way. A severed tendon, a lot of blood, a batch of stitches, and a 2-week stay away from the shop made me a bit wiser. If you want to see a really dangerous tool, look at the band saw. Butchers ust those things to zip through a half a cow. An arm is nothing to a bandsaw. How about a lathe? Ever seen flying lathe tools from a careless catch on a bowl?

I hope my Kleenex is soft enough so the CPSC might leave it alone.

I want the feds the hell out of my shop!

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

This is idiotic. I've been on juries where personal injury was the issue and I couldn't believe how otherwise intelligent people rushed to inflate an award to an idiot who was solely responsible for his injury. I will NOT putchase a SawStop or any other device that screws up my woodworking. What if the Ryobi did have the system and the idiot neglected to turn it on? Is the power company at fault also because it provided electrical energy used to cut off this dimwit's fingers? How about the house builder who constructed the room he was in?

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