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Re: What hand tools can't you live without?

I'm finding a big fat shoulder plane to be pretty necessary . .

Re: Coffee Table From Scraps

Beautiful piece. I'm curious if you're having any issues with glue line creep along the cross-grain intersections . . .

Re: Climb Cutting, Routers, and Tool Safety

Handheld, I'll sometimes climb cut when the bit is not large and I want to finesse a tricky grain issue.

On a table, only when absolutely needed, in tiny areas, usually when template routing a curve where tearout is an issue. I made up a batch of table saw throat inserts recently and when I got to the "one o'clock" side of the curve I'd back off, eat away a small portion of the curve on a climb, then continue. It's best to do this when you have some kind of pivot point to work off of.

I can't imagine EVER needing to climb on a long straight cut on a router table. GIves me the shivers to think about it. There's always another way to solve tearout in that case without the risks of a climb cut.

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