Michael Fisher, Council Bluffs, IA, US

Husband of one, father of three, grandfather of at least four. Retired soldier. Friend to some, enemy to others. Fixer of broken things. Rider of bicycles. P-K4. Chaser of smallmouth bass.

Gender: Male

Recent comments

Re: UPDATE: Wooden Boxes, by Doug Stowe and Strother Purdy

No free lunch gentlemen. I am buying the book.

Re: Flatten Wide Boards without a Big Jointer

I am with 44444444. I use a sled, but instead of hot gluing my board to the sled, I use shimes and double sided take. If my board is twisted or cupped, I reduce the width or length as necessary to reduce the amount of wood I need to remove. Once I have one flat side, I set the sled aside and finish the job.

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