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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

I once shortened the middle finger slightly on my right hand by performing an unsafe operation on my table saw. Put yourself in a position to cut off a finger, and you will get burned. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to learn your lesson. Now if I deem an operation even remotely unsafe, I find another way.

Using power tools is inherently dangerous. However, danger is not the same as risk. Managing risk is the responsibility of the individual. If I do not know if an operation is safe, it is my responsibility to find out, or find another way to achieve my objective.

I failed to manage risk by performing an operation I knew to be unsafe. Should the manufacturer be blamed because I put myself in danger by performing an unsafe operation?

We are all ultimately responsible for out own safety when using power tools.


Re: UPDATED: Giveaway and Poll: The Most Requested Woodworking Gifts of 2009

I only lack a quality low angle block plane to make custom jewelry boxes by hand (to go with the the Stanley #3 smoothing plane I reconditioned). The cross peen hammer would also be useful. Wish me luck, Happy Holidays, and "Go Hawkeyes" in the Orange Bowl (and just so it's not off topic, I could use a nice router to make a Hawkeye logo for my wall...)

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