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Alder wood Kitchen shelf

Built this to go with my wifes country style kitchen

coffee cart

Our church needed a new cart for a coffee bar they like to use for Sunday service and special occasions. so we put this together in my small shop on a budget. It is made of birch plywood and Poplar...

Poplar Dining Table, Made from pallets.

This table top is made from poplar pallets saved from the trash at the PMC west medical center in Escondido Ca. I left the pallets stacked outside for about a year before deciding what to do...

my small garage shop update

Here is a few pics of my dust collector upgrade. I took the old 5 Micron bags off my central machinery 2hp and added a wynne environmental Nano upgrade. Filters to .5 microns with a Merv 15...

My small garage shop

Here is a few pictures of my little garage shop. The walls are insulated with 3 inch blue styrofoam and covered with plywood. Plywood and insulation are salvaged from the PMC west hospital project in...

Stanley plane cabinet

Needed a home for my Bailey planes that would allow me to keep them close at hand. I made this cabinet from birch plywood and alder. The plywood is a reclaimed packing crate from a construction...

Church Fair Rocking Horse

Our church needed donations for raffle prizes for a raffle they were having at the harvest fair last Halloween, so I made this horse and donated it. This is made of red oak and alder wood. The...

Adjustable Shelves

My wife was looking through a project book by Niall Barrett while we were at the lumber yard. She liked these shelves so we got the book and I had another project to add to an ever lengthening...

Work bench

I needed a table that could stay outside so I didn't want to spend a lot of money. I made this bench withe construction grade lumber and finished it with dutch oil and poly. The top is two 4 x 8...

Country kitchen Pantry

My wife wanted a Country style kitchen Pantry so, I put this together. This is Pine with a Colonial Maple finish. The door panels are wire backed with a burlap material.

Floating Shelf : Reclaimed Brazilian Walnut

I got this wood from a hotel deck in Huntington Beach California. I needed something to hold my components for the flat panel I installed out of reach of a 1 year old.

Recent comments

Re: Sewing Desk

What finish did you use on that?

Re: Basic Workbench by Klaus Larsen

Nice little table. Good work.

Re: Black Walnut Kitchen Island Top

Beautiful! For me it is not about not making mistakes. I gave that up a long time ago, always something. Its about being able to fix them without anyone knowing :)

Re: Tool Cabinet


Re: My Trailer Shop

I like the door. I have been needing to replace an old door in my shop. Gives me some ideas.

Re: Chess / Checkers Set

Beautiful work! That looks like it took some time.

Re: Arts & Crafts Dining Table

Nice work.

Re: My small garage shop

My dust collector is a 2HP Central machine from Harbor Freight. Got it for a hundred bucks on craigslist. I got the idea for the two stage set up from some of the other guys on another site blog. This set up works great for keeping the larger stuff out of the impeller and filter. I use a single expandable hose set up with Dust Right fittings that I just plug in to whatever machine I am running. The bags on this machine are only 30 micron so I just roll the machine outside while its running. I have a Wynne Nano on order to upgrade the filter system. I will post pics when I get it finished. This set up has more than enough power for any two machines in my shop. I also added a Dust Right tool port fitting to a 3 inch pvc pipe that works great as a floor sweep for cleaning up shavings on the floor after hand planing and things like that.

Re: Stanley plane cabinet

Thanks for the compliment. I still need to finish the doors. They will be 4" deep and I thought I would house my chisels and Starrett squares alonge with my cabinet files in them.

Re: UPDATE: DVD Giveaway: Fine Woodworking 2011 Annual Collection

I have only been working wood for about four years and when I started I didn't know what a Rabbet Or a Dado was. Just about everything Ive learned Ive learned here. Using the articles in the magazine and online extras Ive not only learned a great deal but I have been able to turn out some nice furniture for my wife that I would never have been able to buy her. I am in the process of putting up a book shelf in the shop so I can keep m,y articles close by for easy reference.

Re: Shaker Inspired Nightstands

Nice Job!

Re: $4 Hall Table from cast off

I like it. I get all kinds of wood to reclaim from construction sites I work on. My Bailey plane cabinet recently posted is an example of this. I also salvaged truckloads of pine from crates that the siding for Palomar Medical center was shipped in. All bound for the landfill before it becomes furniture.

Re: cradle for grandchildern


Re: My First Jewelery Box

I Like It!! Nice work.

Re: Rustic Tresle Table

Beautiful table.

Re: Dinning room table suite

Nice work I am a big fan of bread board tables. I like the design of the chairs. They look great with this table. I am currently working on a design for a bread board extension table for our kitchen.

Re: Kaydon's Toy Box

Nice.What did you use to finish this box?

Re: USMC Margquetry Emblem

Semper Fi!!

Re: reclaimed wood end table

This is a cool piece. Thank you for sharing it.The casters are fine. This is your piece the way you made it. Express yourself! The cheap and tacky comment,well that is a bit cheap and tacky too.

Re: Megan's Chopper

Some one put some time in on this project. Nice!

Re: Holiday Table

I like the contrast of the different woods. I was thinking of building my bedroom furniture with the same contrast in mind. I like the walnut with the lighter maple. I was thinking of a dresser with a maple case and a walnut top and drawer fronts. bed and night stands to match.

Re: Reclaimed Fir Dining Table and Buffet

I am just getting started and have had some success.This is why I am drawn to woodworking. This is a beautiful table. What would it take to get a set of these plans. My wife is in love with this table and side board.

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