Guelph, ON, CA

Woodworker that enjoys laughing and life. The best part of my day is waking up next to my wife, and wondering what she has added to her "Honey Do" list. :)

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My Future Shop

The shop is laid out in a way to maximize my work flow and shop space.  Rough material is brought in through the upper right side garage door and stored on that side.  The rough milling is...

Hallway Table

I built this table as a copy of a design that was used during my studies in college.  The original piece was done using production equipment and commercial spray equipment.   This was...

Living Room Coffee Table

A coffee table that I designed and made for my wife and I.  We had an idea of what we wanted and came up with this.  I think it came out nicely.  It has a feeling of heaviness when...

Recent comments

Re: Make a rabbet with a handplane

Thanks Matthew!

Re: Home Library

Great work!

Re: Sam Maloof: 1916-2009

I am saddened by the news of Sam's passing. He was a visionary who followed his heart, and in doing so, became an inspiration to thousands of artists and woodworkers. He left behind a legacy of beauty and honesty that many of us strive to achieve.

Thank you Sam.

Re: Down on the Farm with Garrett Hack

I am very jealous. Someday, I too will have a quiet piece of land with a shop and my own home grown vegetables. That day can't come soon enough. Thank you for the article and beautiful pictures.

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