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Transform an Old File into a DIY Burnisher

An old file makes quick work of turning the perfect hook on a card scraper

We Want to See Your Shop

Find out how your workshop could be featured in the pages of your favorite woodworking magazine

Quick and Easy 'Secret Passage'

Good news for Scooby-doo enthusiasts and other grown-up children: Rockler and Lee Valley now offer hardware to create your very own “secret passage.”

Attack of the Community Woodshop

Around the country, community woodworking shops are springing up, giving lonely tinkerers access to active communities of fellow woodworkers--and all the great tools and equipment you wish you had.

Revolution-Era Joiner's Shop Found in MA

A restoration carpenter recently stumbled onto a "once in a lifetime find": a joiner's shop dating to the late 1700s.

Woodcraft to Acquire Japan Woodworker

Will the Japan Woodworker we know and love survive new ownership?

Recent comments

Re: Rosewood and Brass Cutting Gauge

Beautiful work, Brian.

Question for you: how exactly did you go about re-purposing the old utility blade?

Re: Attack of the Community Woodshop

Hey Chester --

You'd be surprised how little is required to get a community shop together. I got in touch with Peter from Soulcraft in part because he's a lawyer, and I had assumed you'd have to be one to get past the liability-related hurdles. I was floored to learn that their liability insurance is less than two grand a year. He did say that having a spray booth would up the premium, but it sounds to me like all you need is to have all participants take a safety course and sign a liability waiver, and you're in business.

Re: Woodcraft to Acquire Japan Woodworker

>>Does this mean the Japan Woodworker will stop selling Lie Nielsen tools?<<

Great question, Tim. That hadn't occurred to me, but there's good reason to wonder. It was Lie-Nielson that pulled out of the Woodcraft relationship, so there's a chance they'd extend that decision to JW; on the other hand, they'd be reaching still fewer customers. I'll be sure to ask the folks at Woodcraft/LN when I follow up next week.

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