My name is Daniel Hayes, and i'm the owner of Hayes Furniture Design. Growing up i always thought i would build houses, but once i got to college i discovered the furniture design program and fell in love. I acquired my four year degree and opened my doors soon after. My focus is high end custom furniture from the most beautiful wood i can get my hands on. Main focus is tables, chairs, with the occational case work. I love traditional style furniture, but i experiment with new forms of my own. "Hayes Furniture Design is where furniture and art converge."

Gender: Male

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The Demilune Chair

Hello fellow woodworkers, I'm Daniel and I'm a professional woodworker. I'm posting my latest project, the Demilune Chair. I'm developing this design for a new style of woodworking for the market...

Curly Cherry Desk

I designed this desk for myself, as I was desperate for a computer desk at home. Made from curly cherry, curly maple, spalted/diseased maple, and purple heart. The drawer case is dovetailed, as well...

Pagoda End Tables

Here are two matching end tables i made from some wormy chestnut that was just collecting dust in my shop.

Huge Walnut Tree

This is a 4 foot diameter walnut tree in North Carolina i recently puchased and cut down because owner was worried about it falling on the house.  Planning on having the massive logs...

Maloof Inspired Low Back

Took Maloof's original design, made my own templates and added my own styling.  Black walnut with cherry accents.  Actually started 5 months ago, got about 70% done and lost interestnbsp...

Wormy Chesnut Hutch

This hutch is made from wormy chestnut and ebonized oak.  The chestnut was reclaimed after the client tore a wall out in their home and discovered the hidden treasure.  I then was...

Inspiration In Progress

Sam maloof design with elements taken from Hal Taylor.  My own form is still in development.  making "copies" of other chairs helps me sculpt my own sense of style and technique.  Im...

Nakashima Style Coffee Table

Here is a Nakashima style coffee table designed for a client.  The maple top is magnificent with the claro walnut base.

Recent comments

Re: Khufu Dining Chair

I like the overall design, and wood choice. However, I feel like the back legs are too bulky. I'd like them to be a little more graceful. Either way, great job and keep up the good work!

Re: Chippendale Miniature Blanket Chest

Superb work! I've always been intrigued by scaled models. Where do you find hardware that small???

Re: Maloof inspired Low Back Chair

Nice work Jos. The only thing I'd like to see if you make another one is the back leg to be more graceful at the bottom and not so bulky. Superb craftsmanship, and interesting wood combination.

Re: Hope Chest

I'm not familiar with Lockwood dyes, but I've used waterbased aniline, and it has terrible light fastness. It fades with sunlight exposure. If they are anything like transtint dyes you shouldn't have any trouble though. Just thought I'd mention it.

Re: Hope Chest

The color makes the piece to me. Great job, did you use an aniline dye stain, transtint, or something else?

Re: A couple of my (The Lazarus Handplane Co.) Recent Infills

Very nice, as usual. how long does it take to build one of these? If I had one of these I'd be afraid to use it.

Re: mid-century modern lounge chair

Nice job. I've always been a fan of Scandinavian/Danish designs. Not wild about the upholstery color, but very well done.

Re: walnut highboy

Very interesting, looks great but the strength of the piece should be significantly less than with tight joinery. Very creative though. Looks like domino slip tenons?

Re: Wenge Dining Table

That's not wenge by the way

Re: Sculpted Cherry Bar Stools

The front leg joint detail is nice

Re: Torus Knot Table

Very impressive, imagine doing the joinery by hand, that would be a true challenge. Thanks for posting

Re: UPDATE: Making Wood Tools with John Wilson

Love me some books

Re: UPDATE: Building Small Cabinets by Doug Stowe

Im in

Re: Presentation Box

Very Cool, nice job!

Re: UPDATE: Using and Tuning Your Bandsaw by Hendrik Varju

Free is good

Re: Plum cabinet

I would have to say that would be english wych elm for me :)

Re: Plum cabinet

Very unique, and well done. But why the plum lumber? Just wondering.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: 4 "issues" of The Missing Shop Manual series

sure, why not

Re: Caption Contest Winner!

male model not included

Re: UPDATE: Turning Segmented Lamps by Ralph S. Buckland

Yes please :)

Re: UPDATE Caption contest: Win a CommandMax Sprayer

Looks like Bilbo Rollie is tring to shave again.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Hand Planes in the Modern Shop by Kerry Pierce

Hand planes will never be obsolete.

Re: We're Giving Away Grooving Planes!

Okay how does this work? Ummm.....ok insert finger here, push forward, bring back, and repeat until satisfied. Sweet!

Re: Furniture Design ... RISD Masters Thesis

Very nice work, i especially like the chair, very good design. The chair looks like it leans back a little too much for my taste though, but excellent either way. thanks for sharing.

Re: Illuminated Dining Table

Mmmmmmm.....very interesting. This gives me an idea. Thanks for sharing, very cool.

Re: Sculpted Box

I love working with bloodwood. Nice work.

Re: Clamping cauls: The secret to great glue-ups

This is a real time saver. Work smarter not harder.

Re: 3-legged chair

Very unique, nice work.

Re: Maple Coffee table

Nice table nralien. Next time you might want to install the wedges perpendicular to the way this table has them. That way pressure is pushing with the grain taking away the tendancy to split the wood. Nice job though.

Re: Baby planes

I've always been intrigued by violins, and since my 6 year old niece has started taking lessons I found myself inclined to build one. I've never built an instrument before, so i am looking for plans, or instructions, any info. I'm familiar with the bunny/luthier planes, and now have an excuse to add them to my shop :) The first one i make will be my own to learn and play, but i hope to make another for my niece as a gift, once older. Any suggestions? Thanks

Re: Freestanding Cabinet

This piece is stunning. Wood gets my blood pumping, this piece just about gave me a heart attack! It was well put to use, thanks for sharing.

Re: Wormy Chesnut Hutch

The oak was spray painted (two coats) lightly to ensure the grain pattern remained. Following the paint was one coat of universal shellac sanding sealer to protect the paint from the following lacquer coats.

Re: Does MDF Belong in Fine Furniture?

OLD not onld

Re: Does MDF Belong in Fine Furniture?

MDF is great for jigs and patterns, but for fine woodworking? No i don't really see it useful. It can't handle moisture, it creates awful dust. and its not as strong as a good multiply plywood. Call me onld fashioned but i stick to solid hardwoods for all my furniture :)

Re: Ideas for Woodworking's Own Reality TV

I'd love to have a woodworking reality show, showing what goes on behind the scenes. Working with the customer, designing, fixing any mistakes(drama), along with lots of information will strengthen the appreciation of craftsmanship and hard work. Could catapult the custom furniture industry. Just think, people are spending thousands of dollars for cakes made by the "cake boss" and "ace of cakes" just to be eaten!!! What about furniture that will last generations?

Re: Curly Cherry and Maple Coffee Table

Thats some beautiful wood! Good craftsmanship too, thanks for sharing

Re: ebony & bubinga bench

Very nice, this is a superb piece of craftsmanship and design. Thanks for sharing, what did you finish it with?

Re: The Status of the Custom Market: Are We Seeing a Resurgence?

I'm glad that someone is optimistic about custom furniture. I've been in business only a year, and i am struggling to make bills. I have a four year degree in furniture design with a minor in marketing, and everyone thinks i'm crazy for getting into furniture making. But i believe in myself, and i'm hoping that society will realize the importance of quailty made furniture that will last multi generations, but this won't happen by itself. Someone needs to get things rolling in the right direction. I support custom made website and hope that its successful. Tommy MacDonald as well, GOOD LUCK!!!!

Re: The Status of the Custom Market: Are We Seeing a Resurgence?

thanks for the correction

Re: The Status of the Custom Market: Are We Seeing a Resurgence?

The government claims that the resession is over, i don't believe it. I think they are trying to coax the people who have money into spending it. Personally i find making a woodworking living super difficult right now. You're right getting in touch with buyers is the key, but creating new buyers is hard when they don't have the budget to do it. You should see the looks on people's faces when i price them something. Furniture used to be an important part of social status, its just not there anymore. Customers have to be convinced that the quality outweighs the extra cost to get it.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Making Ladder Back Chairs with Russ Filbeck

Knowledge is priceless, and here is another opportunity to learn something new.

Re: IWF Alert: DeWalt's little router is a show-stopper

True its not 100% new, but come on the precision plunge base is $400 plus!!! This dewalt combo is half, pretty new look to me.

Re: England's, Queen Victorian Style, King Bed

Very impressive. Thanks for sharing, i hate to think what the set cost!! But very worth it!!

Re: Help Us Help You Sell Furniture

Sounds great, getting your work and name out there in the market is a tough thing to do with a short budget. This new blog should be very helpful!

Re: Creepshow Reproduction

Fantastic, more paitence than i've got!!

Re: Black and White Wide-screen TV Stand...

Superb! Very nice, how did you ebonize the poplar? Did you use a pigmented lacquer or use a dye?

Re: Writing/Computer Desk

The wax might give you the finish that you are looking for, but remember that it doesn't offer much protection. It will need to be rewaxed every so often.

Re: Workbench/Storage

I am so jealous, nice bench!

Re: "Chou" Chair

Fantastic work. Looks great, good design. Thanks for sharing!

Re: Cutting Board Gouge & Flattener

This is cool! thanks for the post!!!

Re: Jon Rael - Joinery-Design Shop

Very nice shop, makes me a little jealous, lol. Great furniture to, keep up the good work Jon.

Re: A pair of maple chairs

Very good craftsmanship, you should be very happy with your first chair. Although i see some things that could be changed. I can't help but feel that the back is too low to offer any longterm sitting, but hard to tell from a picture. Also, during design of any furniture piece a certain harmony and consistancy throughout the piece should be considered. For example, the back is a graceful curve, but there isn't another curve within the piece so it's a little out of place. So in your next design keep in mind the repetition within the design, and you're sure to see an improvement. Overall, very nice.

Re: "Trinity Table"

knights of the round table?

Re: Bubinga Sideboard - Comtemporary Design

Excellent work, i really admire your hand cut dovetails, most people don't appreciate the skill it takes to accomplish this. The gamble on the legs i think payed off. Overall fantastic!!!

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