chris edie, Hobart, AU

Left Scotland and cycled 22,000km to Tasmania 5 years ago.
Teaching wood as well as 6 other subjects to the second last school in Australia, thats one other before Antarctica!

Gender: Male

Birthday: 05/15/1963

Recent comments

Re: Jonesing for a hand tool fix? We've got you covered.

It would be great to see wooden planes being covered. So many people rave about them, to me they are a mystery. I cannot fathon why someone would in this day and age opt deliberately for something so hard to adjust and use.

So please prove me wrong!


Re: Looks like a razor clam

Oh dear , a redneck crept in when noone was looking. Please in the future express your stupidity elsewhere.

The currency that pays for my subscription to this website carries no such statement as "In God We trust".(I don't live in America). I don't trust her/him because she/he never has existed.

Now back to woodworking.
How could an imaginative reader use a Pacific Ocean Razor Clam in a woodworking context?


Re: Is it OK to sell furniture based on FWW articles?

If the reader's name was Mr IKEA and he wanted to make say a thousand or ten thousand such products. Would that change the way everyone feels?

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