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An enthusiastic if inexperienced hobbyist. Happily retired.

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Re: Ingenious foot-powered lathe

This was one of the best woodworking videos I have seen. The workmanship of the lathe was awesome, the handle he turned at the end was inspirational, and the video was very professionally produced. Awesome!

Re: Hand Tools Reinvented

And what is Mr. Wong's website or contact info?

Re: Who needs a saw? Just blow up the next tree you need to fell

Except for the fine rifle shooting, this gives being stoopid a bad name.

Re: What I Know Now: Letters to My Beginning Woodworker Self

I laughed when I read the advice on tool hunting at flea markets. I could have more productively used those wasted hours taking classes or making furniture. Or my own tools! Great article.

Re: How to build a table, in 60 seconds

Awesome! Yes, the lead-in in the email was misleading but don't let that detract from the cleverness and creativity of the film clip. Well done!

Re: SawStop rolls out a more affordable cabinet saw, aimed at serious hobbyists

I like the tacit recognition by SawStop that sawdust is also a danger. Much research has and is coming out about the risks associated with breathing in micron-level dusts. Besides, anything that helps keep my cramped basement shop a little cleaner is welcome by both myself and my spouse.

Nice innovation, SawStop.

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