Hello. My names Tory. I've been woodworking on and off for a few years, but only seriously for the last 2. My father was a woodworker by hobby, and I've inherited his joy for the craft. My favorite things to builD are fine furniture, period pieces, clocks and case work. But I'll try anything. To me woodworking is the perfect mix of art and engineering, two things that I love! I'm glad to have found fine, and like to connect with others as passionate about woodworking as I am. If you like something I've done or have any ideas of your own, feel free to drop me an email. Good luck and I'll see yall in the shop. -TLR

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English Style Bracket Clock (Mahogany)

I designed and built this Mantel Clock for my inlaws this holiday after looking up some pictures of old english style bracket clocks.  They love old-fashioned style things, especially made with...

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Re: Does MDF Belong in Fine Furniture?

I find it good for Utility use (i.e. table tops and casework in the shop) and for jigs and templates, but not fine furniture. Sure, you can use slimer cuts for panels in Craftsman style doors, but I wouldn't use it for kitchen cabinets for the simple fact that paint weakens over time and MDF soaks up water like a sponge if it gets wet. Plus I wouldn't want anything that my family would be eating off of to be exposed to any chemical compounds (we've got enough of that mess in our food as it is!)
That's not to say it can't be used for many fine pieces, depending on whose building them. It does take paint well and is very stable if properly sealed. Dense as hell though. Guess I love it and hate it too! ha ha - T.L.

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: 500 Tables (Updated with winner)

Do you dream of better Router Accessories? TL Rowland

Re: More Details on the Carlos Osorio Tablesaw Lawsuit

Like most of you seasoned woodworkers out there, I'm compelled to respond in a logical sense on such a matter based on the facts clearly stated in this case, but beings nothing comes to mind, all I have to say about the guy is this.........F$!@*$G IDIOT! AHHHHHH! IF YOU CAN'T USE A D**N TABLE SAW THE RIGHT WAY, DON'T USE ONE AT ALL!

Afterall, guns don't kill people............ -TL

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

That is the most pathetic thing I've heard in a while. That's like a driver filing a law suit against an auto manufacturer for driving off the road and hitting a tree!

I feel bad for the guys at "Saw Stop". Here, they come up with a revolutionary product on their own, they take the risks and market it themselves and are being rewarded for their hard work and ingenuity. Now, because of the legal system siding with idiots like this, what will happen to the Saw Stop company's marketability once the government steps in and makes "their" sensory technology a standard? Don't get me wrong, I'm all about quality products, but it should be up to the consumer whether or not we want to pay extra for the equipment of our choice, and companies nor consumers should have to pay the price. Just another example of how one person can ruin it for everybody else. -TLR

Re: New Study Discusses Tablesaw Injuries

I think it's the same concept of why they say most auto accidents happen close to home. You get in a comfort zone, and you loose a certain level of awareness for safety when it comes to the tool you're using. In this case the table saw. I know my Jet is the cornerstone in my shop. I use it on every project at some point. There have been a couple of times I've made some cuts before turning in at night and then realized that I forgot the guard, or forgot to roll up my sleeves and could have really hurt myself. I think it's just something we do as human beings. Or we get in a rush. It's the same concept of a seat belt when you're just "running up to the corner gas station for a drink". But in the end, all it takes is a few seconds to change your life forever. We should always "respect" the power of our machines and what they can do to us.

Re: My First Project

Cool man. And what a great first project! One of my first projects was a good sturdy workbench I still use today, and let me tell you, it will definitley serve you well. Here's a quick tip that saved me loads of $$$ on bench dogs. Make your own out of a hardwood dowell rod and furniture caps, the hard rubber kind you can get from the hardware store. The caps hold your wood better than the more expensive dogs, and won't damage your wood. A good universal size I've found is 3/4". Afterall, we're woodworkers, right? Aren't we supposed to make our own jigs? : )

-T.L. Rowland

Re: Grandson's treasure Chest

This is a remarkable piece of work! One can't help but admire the creativeness and ingenuity that went into this. It's clever and attractive, not to mention complex in the joinery. (The keyed miters are a nice touch) I'm sure your grandson will love it, but not half as much as you enjoyed making it! Cheers! -TLR

Re: English Style Bracket Clock (Mahogany)

Thanks bearpuf. It was very well received by the inlaws on Christmas. They immeadiately placed it on the mantle! It's always a great feeling when others enjoy our work. Thanks again. -TLR

Re: Fiqured Western Maple Grandfather Clock

Just one word man...Awesome! Did you get the idea from a kit, or is this something of your own design? I can tell you put alot into this. As USMCDENNIS wrote, you should be proud. I'm sure your wife will love it. -Tory

Re: Walnut Sconces

Very nice! It almost has a feeling of "Frank Loyd Wright meets oriental". Simple and very stylish. My wife would go nuts over these. Take care!


Re: English Style Bracket Clock (Mahogany)

Thanks Serge. I appreciate the encouraging comments. Hope you have a great holiday.

Take care.


(p.s.-sorry for the weird screen name; computer choked up on me and that's what it ended up as. I don't know what happened! ha ha)

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