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Miter Saw/Router Work Station II

Here are a few more photos of the workstation

Miter Saw/Router Work Station

To save space I created a work station that has a router table with a miter saw mounted on a sliding platform. I can quickly switch from one tool to the other. In addition I created a new dust...

Ark Desk

The Ark Desk is made of oak with bent ribs and panels and curved rear drawers. Sappele, walnut and birds eye maple veneers line the drawers.  There are two secret drawers(not shown) activated by an...

Shop Dust Separator

Dust Separator has 2 compartments with removable drawers. Rubber gaskets provide a seal for the vacuum.  Measurements are: H 24", W 30", D 12".  Fits against wall to save space and allow...

Router Table/Storage Cabinet

  Rolls out from the table saw extension wing and can raise up  automatically to the table saws height providing a level working surface for extra long pieces of wood. nbspSliding...

Recent comments

Re: Router Table/Storage Cabinet

Shelley, There is a motor inside the cabinet connected to 3 step-down pulleys. The 3rd pulley shaft passes through the bottom of the cabinet where it drives a chain connected to sprockets at each corner of the cabinet. The sprockets have threaded centers which drive 1/2" threaded rods. The rods turn, lifting the table. The circuit I designed has 2, 4 pole double throw relays and the upper and lower stops are controlled by limit switches as the table passes notches cut into a post. I installed momentary contact green and red push button switches in the back of the cabinet.

Re: Shop Dust Separator

First let me say there are no air leaks in the box because I caulked all joints from the inside. Where the duct attaches to the inflow and outflow sides there are 45˚ elbows to deflect the dust particles allowing some to settle. There are 2 compartments to separate the larger particles first and finer ones second. The dust leaving the separator is very fine therefore not endangering the impeller blade.

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