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Re: The Editors Mailbox Has a New Home

Is there any up to date info on setting up a home spray booth? I have a dedicated finishing room (12w x 16l x 9h) but don't know what explosion proof fan or lights to get. Commercially made booths are thousands of dollars which I don't have. Any guidance? Brand, model and where to buy would be great!

Re: Does MDF Belong in Fine Furniture?

As a solid wood furniture maker, MDF does not have a place in my furniture. However, I do find it usefull to make patterns, fixtures, and an assembly table top. When a customer purchases a piece of furniture from me, they expect more than what is available in the large stores. My definition of fine furniture is "furniture that will last for generations, built of quality materials, solid joinery, and can be refinished if necessary."

Ever try to refinish MDF furniture?

Re: Is it OK to sell furniture based on FWW articles?

Has anyone ever asked the Shakers to build furniture that was inspired by them or copied? I know of a few very prominant businesses who have made their living from copying their designs. If I were to build a table with four legs and a top, is that copying? I have been in the furniture making business for fourteen years and have modified designs, but I can't say I have ever made a piece from a plan to sell. There is so much information and communication in today's world, how can we help but to copy another's work in one way or another? As far as originality is concerned, some things are great designs and should be left as such, copying or not!

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