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I retired from the US Navy in 1991, Spent the next twelve years sailing our 45 ft Ketch sailboat around the Carribbean. In 2000 we settled in Grenada. We sold the boat, bought some land, built a house and then started building all the cabinets and furniture. Since then we have built two more houses for clirnts and made and built all the cabinetry in those houses as well. The last client commissioned all the furniture for the house as well. I have a one man workshop so I have personally built everything myself. My wife JoAnn does stained glass art work and has done several commissiones for the houses. We are now starting to include the stained glass and leaded glass art into custom furniture pieces. I work mostly in West Inies mahagony (read that as Cuban) and white cedar. All the lumber grows here in Grenada. I maintain a supply of several thousand board feet so that I can air dry it for at least two years before using it for furniture. We no longer build house. Our focus is all on the custom furniture design and build. If you come to Grenada look us up, we would be happy to host and show you my workshop and our furniture
Deaqn Schopp

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Since my pile of cut off lumber has slowly started to take over the shop I thought I would build a few boxes with it and practice some techniques that I have wanted to try. It is also a great way to...

Table saw/Router cabinet

A friend of mine is just getting into woodworking. He bought a bench top saw but I told him to forget about the stand, we will build it. This is the result. The cabinet is five feet long and 26"...

Glider Horse

About two months ago a friend called to ask if I could build a glider horse for his new baby daughter for Christmas. I had never done anything like this before but I said yes anyway. Then I got down...

Parts and Small Tools Cabinet

I got tired of searching for screws and other bits in a collection of glass and plastic jars and containers. I found some small plastic bins in the dollar store and thought these would be great in a...

New Router Table

I recently purchased a new Incra LS Positioner and it would not fit my old router table so I took the opportunity to build a new router table with plenty of storage, mobility, dust collection and...

Pennsylvania Tall Case clock

In an earlier post I showed the start of this project. It has taken about six months to complete. The clock is all West Indies mahogany. The movement is an eight day cable weight driven movement. The...

Pennsylvania Tall Case clock

As many of you know the idea of building a period piece is sort of the true test of your skills. I have built many Mission and Art/Craft and contemporary pieces but building this tall case clock has...

Grenada Woodworking Shop

My work shop is the lower level of our house. Access is only from the exterior and since we live in Grenada we do not have any heating/cooling systems to be troubled by sawdust. The shop is 1500 sq...

Guest apartment

We recently completed the addition of a small guest apartment and now I have been working on finishing it. We built custom mahogany cabinets for the kitchen and I have been busy making the furniture...

Grenada woodworking shop

Here is a recent photo of my shop. I am currently working on a grandfather clock.

New Mahogany Kitchen

This new kitchen was an insurance replacement job when the original cabinets where severly damaged due to flooding from a broken pipe. The unique factor in this job was that the counter tops could...

13 Drawer Dresser

This is a 13 drawer dresser I made. It is the second piece for a seven piece master bedroom suite. The primary wood is West Indies White cedar. Secondary wood is pine. The dresser is 60 inches wide...

Kitchen Project

This is a project I just completed and installed. All the cabinets are solid West Indies mahogany, all cabinet door pairs have book matched panels, all drawers have dovetail joints, All cabinet...

Double Guitar Stand

This is a gift I made for a friend of mine who is a jazz/blues musician. Its a double guitar stand, with space for his collection of jazz and blues books and a small lidded box to store all the small...

Purpleheart work bench and Mahagony tool cabinet

Here are some additional phots as requested. The bench is solid purple heart and weighs about 600 pounds. The tool cabinet is mahagony> I started with the base unit with the drawers and then added...

Master Bedroom suite

This is a bedroom suite I built. It is all made from solid Cuban mahagony. Drawer bottoms are also solid wood. Drawers are all half blind dovetails, all mortise and tenon joinery. The dresser has ten...

Custom Kitchen

This is our own kitchen. The cabinets are all solid Cuban mahagony, Blum hinges and KV drawer slides. All dovetails on drawers, Raised panel doors and end panels. Finished with three coats of satin...

Dinning room table suite

This a soild cuban mahagony dinning table and chairs I built. The chairs have hand carved/shaped seats. The table is 40 inches wide and 86 inches long. There are eight chairs with the set. The top...

Sie board cabinet

This piece was inspired from a magazine article. I built the piece from solid West Indies mahagony. The spilt turnings are my own design and made in my shop. The finish is a water based poly finish...

My Grenada West Indies workshop

I am retired and live in Grenada, West Indies. One of the best things is that I have cuban/West Indies mahagony available. I build furniture and custom cabinet work. My shop is 1500 sq ft which I...

Recent comments

Re: Does The Tree In My Front Yard Have Value? Part Two: Will Your Tree Make The Cut?

I know that art is in the Eye of the Beholder and I have seen many studio pieces that are especially great. Perhaps I am missing something but the pieces pictured really don't do this great raw material justice. Less rare material could have been used and this historic lumber could have been used for some really great furniture designs. I'm sure some will take issue with me but I think this was a miss use of a rare find.Maybe I'm just not in tune with modern art.

Re: Table saw/Router cabinet

I don't really have any plans for the router table but I can collect the dimensions and lay it out. I really sort of build things as I go. I know that sounds a bit odd but it works for me. I'll post the dimensions in a day or two.
Glad you liked the posts.

Re: Pennsylvania Tall Case clock

Hey Rob; I would figure on about 50-60 board feet. Most is finished size of 7/8 to 3/4 inch thick except for the parts for the goose necks and the bracket feet. I made the back from mahogany as well and it is 5/8 inch thick which let me attach the chime rod assembly directly to the back. Makes for a nice sounding board. I did not use any secondary wood, the clock is all mahogany but I live in Grenada and we have the trees here. I reasonably followed the plan and the thickness of materials but I had to alter the width and height of the clock to accommodate my movement. For me the carving was the toughest. I have a significant bucketful of attempts before I got three flame finials I was happy with. I would give it a try and then watch several YouTube videos and try again. A challenge but very fun. If you have any questions I would be happy to help. I made a video slide show of the project if you are interested.

Re: Grenada Woodworking Shop

Yes the sander is a woodmaster, 5 hp motor and 26 inches wide. I highly recommend them. Easy to change grits, strong and well built. Expensive but worth every penny, one of my best investments. You will not be disappointed.

Re: Blade brake inventor aims to compete with SawStop

Although my first choice would be to go to a european type table saw as they are far safer I would very much consider this blade guard system. One it has dust extraction and that would be great and the safety stop is nice especially since it doesn't destroy the blade and cost $100 for a new brake pad and you can use a dado blade. Then there is the ability to work on any saw.
Great idea, hope he has protected himself as well as Gass has!

Re: AWFS Tool News: Festool Launches Drill for Under $300

I have never understood how people will shell out tons of bucks for a Festool when others perform just as well and for as long for half the money. I've got a cople of Milwaukee M12's that are small compact and powerful and run all day and have served me very well building furniture. If I need more than that then I get my cored Milwuakee and drill the holes. The money I saved got me a beautiful Lie- Neilsen bench plane.

Re: AWFS Tool Update: Rikon Pours its Best Bandsaw Features into a Super Saw

I have the Laguna 14SUV and it is the best bandsaw I have ever used. Coupled with the driftmaster fence and the Resaw King blade I can cut veniers or resaw boardes all day without any trouble. The blade guides are flawless. The qaulity is superb and the folks at Laguna are great.I don't think Rikon comes close for the same money.

Re: CPSC Drafting New Tablesaw Regulations

I am a professional woodworker and have been for over fifty years I have all my fingers and have never had an accident. I follow my gut, if it tells me this doen't feel right or comfortable then it isn't. I use push sticks, hold downs, and I keep my fingers outside the red throat plate zone. I have gotten tired of people not taking responsibility for their own actions, Im tired of the government having to get into everything and then screwing it up. Would I buy a Sawstop, no! For that kind of money I'll buy a european saw with a sliding table. In the mean time I'll stay with my Delta unisaw. The lawyers will make loads on this, Gass may get richer since it does not appear he will open up to the public domain. The saws will get more expensive and the woodworker will be paying the whole cost. Thank you to the twelve jurors who don't understand being responsible for your actions.

Re: Lamello's Zeta is a Knockout Tool for Knock-Down Furniture

Not too long ago I took some hits because I said the Festool RO sander was too pricey and no value for the money. This tool is even less value for the money when you factor in the cost of the fittings. If you want IKEA furniture just buy it, you will never beat the price trying to build it yourself. What happend to staying on the fine furniture thread like the title of the magazine?

Re: Kitchen Project

I will be more than happy to post later photos. I have to return later to finish the trim around the windows and doors.There is also a custom mahogany wall cabinet for a flat screen TV that the owner wants built. That is still in the design stage.

Re: A Lean, Mean Sanding Machine: Festool's New Combination ROS/Detail Sander

I will be the first to admit that I will pay for the best tools I need/want but the Festool line of tools just seems to be way out there on price. Look at their Systainer boxes, lets face it they are just plastic boxes, A good Plano tackle box does the same thing for alot less money. If you prep'd your wood before assembly you don't need to sand in the corners and a random orbit sander is a random orbit sander regardless of the brand name!

Re: Can you wipe on a water-based finish?

I have been using Ace Hardware's water based finish with my HVLP system and have had great results. It's available in Satin, semi and high gloss. It also comes clear or amber tint. By the way, Ace makes it's own paint and finishes and is the third largest maker of paint and finishes. Made in the USA. Clean up is a breeze and no order or fumes to worry about.
Cheers, Dean

Re: My first Project (Entertainment Center)

If this is your first major piece then you have a great time ahead of yourself. This piece is beautiful. The lines and design are great. What are the green insert panels? Very nice. I'm sure it looks wonderful in your living room. Well Done!!

Re: A Modest Shop

You are being far to modest about your shop. I saw the pics of the items you have made. Your work is beautiful, the lines and details are eye catching. A less modest shop may be too distracting. Oh. I love the mural!

Re: Purpleheart work bench and Mahagony tool cabinet

My pruple heart workbench. I chose the purple heart because of its weight, availability in large sizes and the fact that here in Grenada it is inexpensive and we don't have ash or maple or the other more common woods for benches. The brown color wood is Kabukali, also from South America and another heavy hardwood. It is hard on the cutting edges. You just never set the sharpening gear aside with this stuff. The high silica in the wood is murder on the edges. Oh, for GEide, sorry about the sandles in the workshop but here in the islands we do most everything either barefoot or in sandles. I do put on closed top shoes when I'm handling the full rough planks and logs.
Presently I have about 1500 bd ft of local cuban mahagony sticked and air drying. We don't have any kilns here so I have to have enough lumber on hand to be able to let it dry for a year at least before I work with it.

Re: Watch the preview of Tommy Mac's new woodworking show

The preview was great. I have seen Tommy on Villa's old show and he was terrific. I am looking forward to his series but I will miss Norm.

Re: Dinning room table suite

Thanks for your post. I love the bread boards too. I have built two of these tables but with different bases. The chairs are very comfortable and solid. Simply changing the slats in the back and base can give the chairs a very different look.

Re: Bedroom set

Very well done. I work in mahagony as well and it is a beautiful wood. I love the lines of the head and foot boards. Are the posts solid or did you make them up? I also us the HVLP ( I have an Apollo 1040) and it is a great system. Great finish and easy to use. The side table design is very nice. Great bedroom set.
Cheers, Dean

Re: My Grenada West Indies workshop

I do feel pretty fortunite to be in the position I am. I love my shop, the weather here is always great, and of course there is that wonderful mahagony lumber.
The work bench is purpleheart, I just thought the design in Popular woodworking, I think, was great so I used that as the basic starting point. I'm a handtool and machine woodworker and this bench is great for that. The bench is about 500 pounds so it's pretty stable.

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