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Festool Dust Extractor Power Outlet Modification

This upgrade could be a violation of the warranty but it is a huge improvement: It is a known problem that Festool dust extractors have a junk power receptacle.  It was very frustrating to...

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Re: Shop Talk Live 26: Workbench Glue-Up Conundrum

Great job guys, love the show. That said, I am seriously disappointed that you didn't answer my question in your most recent episode(#25)-- you had the perfect opportunity when you started talking about dust collectors! Below you will find my original question, am I the only woodworker in the world with this problem???

What is the best way to empty my 2-stage dust collector? When I dump my collection drum into the city compost bin, it makes an unbelievable mess. I wear a respirator and ski goggles which helps, but I'm always covered head to toe with dust after the dump. My driveway fares even worse. I try to enlist friends or even my wife to help, but for some reason no one is too interested once I hand them coveralls, a respirator and ski goggles! My cyclone works nicely with the supplied 55 gallon drum and I don't want to dedicate my compost bin to the dust collector by building an integrated system. Is there a better way to dump the dang thing?


Re: UPDATE: The Foundations of Better Woodworking by Jeff Miller

Sign me up!!!

Re: Zebra recurve

Fantastic! How does it shoot?

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